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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

Down in the basement, Rachel’s sister corners her. “So… that stuff really turns you on?” she asks.

“Yes it does. Why is that so hard to believe?” your girlfriend replies.

“No. I actually kinda get it. The idea of having no control who sees it, what is done with it, where it might be shared to… And knowing that everyone who shares it, who likes it, is doing it because they find you sexy, desirable… I get it. And it is scary. Like a roller coaster or bungee jumping. It’s an adrenaline thing, right?”

“Yeah. Big-time. Like you said, all these people. Mostly guys, but some women too, calling me up from all over the world, telling me they are getting off to my pictures and videos. It’s like I am sucking all those guys off or going down on all those women without having to travel all over the world or them to me, and with no risk of disease or pregnancy. It is an incredible rush.” Rachel blushes and giggles. “Why? Does big sis wanna be exposed too? Or does big sis wanna play with slutty little sis for real like all those internet pervs wish they could? Like I said, I am up for doing anything for my family…”

Rachel pulls her sister into a hug, whispering that last sentence into her sister’s ear with a purr in her voice.