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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You try to hold off your orgasm while keeping the same momentum. You feel your orgasm nearing. The friction between her vagina and your penis is giving you such immense pleasure that it is impossible to hold on any longer.

You kiss Rachel furiously and groan loudly as you the overwhelming pleasure sends you over the edge. Rachel moans and hold you tighter in her embrace when she feels you cumming. You continue pumping your cock in and out of her as you ejaculate, feeling her vaginal wall massage and milk your cock for its juice. Your cock pulses and pulses as you pump load after load of virile sperm into Rachel love canal.

Your orgasm begin to die down. You heave and pant as you rest your head on your girlfriend’s chest. You feel her caress your head. Slowly you move back and your flaccid penis slides out of her pussy. Your sperm begin to drip out and trickle down her leg.

You help her clean herself in the shower, then you bridal-carry her to the bed and lay her down gently.