Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

The next day, you get a text while at work, it’s from Mia. It includes multiple pictures. While they’re downloading, you get a text from Rachel, saying she got a message from Mia too, and is waiting for the pics to download. You reply that you got it too and are also waiting for it to download. Once it does, you are thankful for your desk. Fuck, those are two sexy girls!

“You really, really chose well, Daddy!” Rachel messages you.

Then the video absolutely blows your mind. They are both naked on her friend’s bed. Her name is Katie. You met her the other day, she was checking you and Rachel both out. Katie is working that plug in and out of Mia’s ass, and she is wearing the dildo and harness.

“So, you saw what Ross and Rachel were into, and you wanted to try it with me, huh, Sweetie? I will have to thank them. You are such a succulent little slut… Do you have anything you want to say to them, slut? I’m recording this on your phone, and they’ll be getting this video, unedited. So make sure what you say isn’t anything you’ll regret, my sweet little senior slut…”

“I… I am so thankful for you two introducing me to so many amazing possibilities… I told my girlfriend about all the fun toys you two had… I tried to remember all the names and all the things I saw. I couldn’t remember them all, cause I am such a dumb horny little slut. But… Miss Katie said I could look them up online, and so we did, and we had so much fun shopping today with my credit card and her’s… and she has promised we will keep getting more stuff whenever we can afford it.”

“You’re forgetting the most important part, you silly little slut…”

“Oh. Sorry, Miss. Yes. Miss Katie is now controlling my orgasms, just like your Daddy controls yours, Miss Rachel. And she said there might be a chastity belt in my future too…”

Mia sounds equal parts excited and terrified by that prospect. Wow. That happened quickly. She had said no one flirted with her, that everyone called her “Mousy Mia,” etc. Well, it seems one person had noticed, but she hadn’t told you about it yesterday… weird…

There is a text on your phone. You don’t recognize the number. But you read it.

“Hi. I take it this is the man who played with my sweet slut Mia yesterday? No worries, I’m not mad. We’ve agreed we can both play with others, so long as we tell each other about it afterwards, and as long as we stay safe. No drugs or alcohol. Birth control is a must. No-one who has any diseases or who doesn’t respect our limits and boundaries. She said she had a great time with you two, and invited me to join. Hence this text. When might work for you and your bangin’ hot girlfriend? I remember you two from yesterday. I was sad you didn’t pick me. But seems we’re all Dominants, so maybe this was for the best. By the way, if Mia didn’t mention me to you last night, it’s because we’ve agreed to both say we’re single, since we’re just both experimenting, and aren’t sure what we are yet. Lesbian, bi, Domme/sub/switch, etc. I like her a lot, she is amazing, as you can no doubt attest. She said you were both very taken with her. I can hardly blame you for that. But we’re both still young, and agree that while we have strong mutual interest, we’re not sure if we want to commit to anyone or anything yet. So we don’t talk about each other with other (potential) partners. Though we talk to each other about those partners afterwards, as I said before. Sorry if I’m rambling. Message me with a time and place whenever. The sooner the better though, Stud… I want a piece of that girlfriend of yours too… Does she only sub to you? Or would she sub to me too?”

You message Rachel, telling her you heard from Katie, and asking if she did too. She said no. You say you’ll show her the text when you get home, as it is too long to relay here.

The rest of the workday seems to stretch on forever… Your pants must have shrunk two sizes…

Once you’re both home, you show Rachel the text from Katie. Once she reads it all, all she can say is, “Wow. So, now what, Daddy?”