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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“There is only one exposure-craving slut in this family, Rachel… And she needs to be on her knees.”

Taking the hint, Rachel gets on her knees, a big smile on her face. “Better, Miss?”

“Yes, definitely. But it’s Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. How can this exposure-craving slut be of use to you, Mistress?”

Her sister smirks. “Ross has you well-trained, doesn’t he? You were born to be an owned slut, weren’t you, Rachel?”

“Yes, Mistress. A born fuckpet slut.”

“That does fit you, I gotta admit. But, as you are the slut, I am not going to reciprocate your sluttiness. That would be incest. But being the good, supportive older sister that I am, I will indulge your slutty desires, since I want my baby sister to be happy. So, I will let you eat me out. Isn’t that kind of me, Rachel?”

“Yes, Mistress. You are very kind to me…”

“Well? Get to it! We are down her to get desserts for everyone, that won’t take an hour!”

Rachel scrambles forward to start pleasuring her sister, who is soon moaning, “Mmmm… hurry up, slut. Or someone might be sent down to find out what is keeping us…”

Rachel redoubles her efforts, and is soon rewarded with her sister’s cream.

“Mmm… good slut. Now wipe it all off. Or at least so it isn’t visible. Only one of us wants the whole world to know about our sex life. Seriously, Rachel, I will never make you cum. I will only use you for my pleasure. Is that really okay with you?”

“Yes, Mistress. Yes it really is. I am a slut. I was put on this Earth to be used for other people’s pleasure.”

Her sister kisses her on the cheek. “Good girl. I’m glad to hear it. Now, dessert time!” She goes to the base of the stairs up to the main floor of the house “Mom! We’re out of cheesecake! Sorry Dad! What do you want instead?”

Rachel giggles, “Good cover, Mistress”

Soon, dessert is had, and you and Rachel are heading home. Rachel tells you about her adventures downstairs in the basement. And she has again taken off her skirt to drive home. This seems to be becoming a pattern. Does this girl have any boundaries for her exhibitionism? And this time, she doesn’t put it back on to go back into your house. A fifth floor condo.