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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

“Sure I am serious!” Rachel giggles like a teenager contradicting her own words with a playful tone. She bites her lip in a very erotic way, thinking about the continuation of her fantasy. “Just imagine yourself breaking into her house while… while she is taking a shower!” Rachel licks her lips. “But sadly,” she adds with a playful smile, “you aren’t some dirty criminal to do that. All you can hope is to imagine this while doing something similar.”

She smiles again. “By the way, Ross, I am going to take a shower. Alone. Naked. Defenseless…”

Your girlfriend leaves the bedroom, waving her hips seductively. It is easy to understand what she wants. She wants to roleplay you raping Fernanda, with you starring as evil version of yourself and Rachel playing your hot Brazilian neighbor.

Her wish is very weird considering everything you knew about your her tastes, but after she gave you such a mind-blowing blowjob it is hard to surprise you more.

You give her several minutes before going to the bathroom yourself. You open the shower screen and spend a good dozen seconds admiring your woman from behind.

She breaks your ass-ogling session by turning around and asking in a frightened voice, “What are you doing here?”

You never knew that Rachel was such a great actress. The expression on her face, the way how she covers her tits and pussy with her arms, and even her frantic breathing give a full impression of a scared and embarrassed woman.