Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Icantwrite...)

“I want to call you daddy!” says Rachel eagerly.

“Really?” you ask.

“Yes,” she replies. “I want to be your slutty daughter! I saw your browser history so I know you like this stuff.”

Hands down that was the best mistake of your life.

“Alright baby,” you finally say. “On your hands and knees.”

Your girlfriend does as you say and gives you a magnificent view of her ass. You lean down and start to kiss her ass cheeks and then move on to her hole. She moans as you tongue-fuck her.

“Oh yes daddy!” she moans. “Eat your slutty daughter’s ass! Ohhh!”

After a few minutes you move in front of her and put your cock in her mouth. She has no gag reflex, so you go balls-deep into her mouth and then start thrusting. You reach over her and slip one finger into her tight asshole, then you add another. She taps you on the leg so you take your dick out of her mouth so she can speak.

“I can’t wait any longer, daddy!” she practically screams. “Stick your big cock in my ass!”

Moving faster than you have ever moved in your life, you position yourself behind her and ease your cock into her ass using her spit as lube. She moans in response. You begin to pick up the pace a bit and she quickly begins to rock back into you.

“Yes daddy that’s right! Fuck my virgin asshole!” She’s screaming now. Hopefully the neighbors don’t get woken up. You spread her ass and take out your cock to see her perfect asshole gaping. You lick her gape for a few seconds and then slide your member back in.

“Ooh yes, gape my fuckhole daddy!” she moans.

“You like having your ass destroyed, don’t you slut?” you reply.

You do this for a few minutes before returning to fucking her ass normally.

“Ohhhhh daddy yes! Fuck my ass daddy!”

You can’t take much more of this. “I’m gonna cum, baby girl,” you grunt.

“Me too daddy! I want you to cum in my ass! Fill my hole daddy! Fill me with your warm sticky seed!”

And with that, you pump your jizz into her.

“Is that what you wanted baby?” you ask between pants.

“Yes! God yes. Thank you, babe.”

“Anything for you baby,” you reply. You collapse next to her and smile at the thought of your new reality.