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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by DaQuan...)

“I didn’t like it,” you admit.

Rachel looks a bit confused. She opens her mouth to respond but you put a finger over it and say, “It made me really uncomfortable and I don’t wanna do it again. I know you liked it when I cucked you, you enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel the same when you did it to me.”

You both sit in silence for a moment until Rachel speaks up. “Well, Ross, if you really didn’t like it, I won’t force you to continue with it. But I do want you to be able to cuck me again.”

You think for a moment, even though you did enjoy fucking your neighbor in front of your girlfriend while she watched, you don’t want to be unfair and not let her fuck other guys in front of you. “I know you liked me cucking you but I don’t want to be unfair with you.”

This catches Rachel off guard. She looks around, then says…