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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Clitishia Cuntsmore...)

“I want you to fuck a man!” your girlfriend exclaims.

“What!” you say. “I’m not gay!”

“But Ross, I really want this. I promise that if you do this for me, and it has to be under my terms, I will become your personal fuck-toy for the rest of our time together on this Earth. I will do whatever you want me to do with that massive cock of yours. Do you agree?” Rachel gives you a very pleading look that surprisingly turns you on.

It’s a compelling offer. “Fine babe. I agree. But that means that every night that you don’t have me fucking a dude, which will only be this upcoming week, you will follow every fucking thing I say, without hesitation.”

“That’s the deal. Now I have a few different suggestions for who you’ll fuck this week, and if you don’t go with one of them one night, then you’ll go with them the next.”

“Okay. Who are my options?”

“Well, there’s my boss, my brother, your step-brother, your best friend, your step-father, my secretary, and one random person of your choosing. You will have to both fuck them and be fucked by them, as long as their cock is big enough.”

You try to stay calm on the outside, but inside you’re freaking out. You thought all that was happening was you would fuck one or two dudes and that would be it. No one would penetrate your asshole. Now that doesn’t seem so likely. You have to choose one though or else you won’t get to use your girl the way you want to.

“Alright babe. I choose-”