Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“So, now what?” your girlfriend asks.

“This time, I have an idea…,” you say. “Since you enjoyed watching me have sex with another woman, and you enjoyed having sex with another guy, like you had said after I had sex with Fernanda, what about us becoming swingers? We’d find couples to fuck, and we could watch each other with them, and maybe even have threesomes or foursomes. Maybe we could find lesbian couples looking for a guy and you can watch us three. Since you’re the one who seems to clearly have more of an interest in being the cuckold, maybe you could need to earn sex, by me having a certain number of other women as partners before you get to have sex with a guy… and you’d have to find me these women. Friends of yours, co-workers, your mom, etc. After all, good cucks find lovers for their partner, right? You are gonna have so much fun asking every woman you know who of them wanna fuck your stud boyfriend next… Begging them to fuck me, so you can get laid… Maybe for every five I get, you get one. Or, maybe five the first time, then you get one. Then I get six, then you get one. Then seven, and one, and so on… You would keep having to find me more new partners… Does that sound suitably like the cuckqueen relationship you want, sweetheart? Cause I do still want you to have sex with me, and with other guys. But since you seem to really want to be my cuckqueen, you should need to earn that sex, right? So, you find me women to have sex with. Single women, lesbian couples, whoever. And for as many as you find me, you earn your way closer to getting sex yourself. And maybe we can add in that chastity belt idea too. Locking you up until you earn your fuckings. You had said I could fuck your ass from now on. So, you’d be an anal-only cuckqueen slut from now on.”

You pause, and gently hold her chin so you are gazing deeply into her eyes. She looks like she’s about to speak, so you quickly jump in again. “Rachel, ”I love you dearly. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. This is a fantasy of yours we are exploring, this is about you. No one else. I don’t want them. I want to fulfill your fantasy that involves them. If I was repairing your car’s engine, I would use tools for that. They are, frankly, tools to fulfill your fantasy here. They are people. This is why I am saying this when no one else is here. But I want to be sure you understand this. If anyone asks, I will tell them that I love you. I may cheat, but it will be cheating you sanction and arrange. I would never do it behind your back. And I am only doing it now because it is a fantasy of yours. It just so happens your fantasy we are exploring has you in a rather strongly submissive role. Which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me given your long time habit of calling me ‘Daddy.’ But good parents take care of their children’s needs. And if I am to be your Daddy, I want to likewise take good care of you and your needs… So, this is a buffet of ideas I have laid before you. Pick and choose what sounds like it could work for you. Modify stuff if you want or need to. Add other ideas you might have. We are a couple, and we will work this out as a couple. Together. I want this to make us stronger, not tear us apart. I am never going to leave you. Anything I ever say in that vein would be strictly role-play. My heart will always belong to you, even if my cock strays…“

After a few moments to digest all that, while you kiss the tears off of her face, and make out a little, she replies. “First, thank you for saying that. This is some very intense stuff, and yeah, it can eat away at your self-confidence watching your partner being so intimate with someone else like that. I love you too. And I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you, Daddy. Now, I… That sounds like a brilliant start of a plan, Ross. I’m sorry, I need to keep my head level right now, so I am not gonna call you Daddy right now… need to think here (pointing to her head), not here (pointing to her cunt). I would love to help find you women to fuck, though I am honestly not sure if those numbers would be doable if it has to always be new women each time. Maybe that many partners, and no one partner more than once each ‘set’? So, if I have to find you five partners, then I can include Monica, for example, but only once for that set of five. But for the next set of six, I can include her again if she wants. Would that be okay? Otherwise, frankly, that many different women, you’d get a reputation as a bit of a male slut, wouldn’t you? Is that even a thing? Anyways… Chastity belt is an interesting idea, as we’ve already discussed. But what if you want to fuck me in-between? I am your cuckqueen, but you said you still want to fuck me, right? So, anal-only? And blowjobs? And then, once I had completed a set, we’d find a couple, right? Would you ever fuck my cunt again? Or only the other men, and you’d only fuck my ass?”

You smile. “First, you’re welcome. Like I said, I love you. Next, well, you’re the one who really wants to be the cuck here. So, I still want this cunt,” — you finger her slowly and teasingly with one finger — “it’s just that you want to watch me get my dick wet in other cunts too. But you would need to earn the privilege of me wetting my dick with this cunt. Yeah, that seems reasonable. And more doable. Yeah, how many women do you, do we, even know? And, so when will we get you fitted and locked up, baby? Maybe a goodbye fuck for that cunt? And maybe get you that tramp stamp we’d talked about too? As for me fucking it, if you’re truly a cuck, that means I fuck others, not you. So, when you’re gonna earn getting to fucking other guys… then I will unlock you, they will fuck you, then they will re-lock you, and give you back to me. Also, I want to have a video of me locking you up, it’d be such a hot memory to look back on, don’tcha think? But for me, yeah, I would only use you for anal and oral from now on. You’re gonna find me much sexier, tighter, juicier, sluttier cunts to fuck from now on. I bet you have some majorly sexy co-workers you’ll be hooking me up with at that job of yours… And yes, after each set of women I fuck while you’re watching, we’ll find a couple. And they’ll unlock you from chastity there too. For me, that cunt is retired, I have moved on to other, better cunts, like I said before. So I would never unlock it for sex. Only if I wanted to tease or punish it.”

Rachel squirms and gulps nervously at that last statement. “I… would love to make that video too, Daddy… and yeah, will be much easier to get the tramp stamp before I get locked up… mmm… marked as a slut, right above where I will then be getting locked in chastity… fuck, that sounds so hot… Can we buy the belt first, and then get the tattoo, and then you lock me up at a corner table in the back of the mall food court? I’m sure we can find a secluded enough booth… No panties, a short skirt… Put my phone on the ground, and I’ll hold yours, I’m sure we’ll get good angles…”

“Mmm…” you agree, “very nice idea, Babygirl… Daddy approves… I will put it on you, but you need to be the one who snaps it in place, and closes the lock.”

“Yes… Daddy…” Your girlfriend’s eyes are glazing over with lust and you are incredibly worked up too… You can’t help yourselves, you wind up making love through the night, and into the next day. Thankfully, it’s Saturday. The two of you eventually wake up around three pm. Still a tangle of limbs, with neither a reason nor a desire to go anywhere. Other than the bathroom.

You have a lazy, relaxing Saturday, then Sunday rolls around, and you hear a knock on your door.