Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

It’s your neighbor Fernanda.

“Hi! Rachel invited me over for round two? Then she made a Brazilian Slut-Jitsu joke…”

“Ah. Yes. We’ve indeed decided to continue with me cucking her. She enjoyed it so much. As did I. And we hope you did too?”

“Mmm… yes I did… She is lovely, but I really wanted this dick all to myself. So, she is going to be your cuck from now on? Am I going to be your only lover? Or will she be looking for others for you?”

“She will be finding me others. Yes, she is lovely. And now you’re gonna have it. She should be home soon. She is out buying her chastity belt as we speak.”

“Wow…” says Fernanda. “I thought that was just you talking in the heat of passion! You two are clearly taking this cuckolding relationship thing very seriously. Mmmm… I cannot wait to see her in it…”

“Neither can I. And I can’t wait to watch you put her into it. Let her lock it though. But I want to watch you slide it up her smooth legs, and into position on her freshly tattooed cunt.”

“Freshly tattooed?”

“Yep. She got a tramp stamp and a slave number and barcode tattooed. We had talked about locking her up in the mall food court after that, but there were cameras everywhere. They must be worried about drug dealers or something. So we changed our plans slightly. Only lock-up we want here is her in chastity, after all…”

“Wow… that sounds so hot… She is now marked as your property… Property you will never fuck again? You’re only going to fuck other women from now on, yes?”

“Yes,” you confirm. “And for every woman I fuck, she will get closer to getting to fuck a guy. Well, closer to us fucking a couple. So, we’re sort of a cuckqueen couple, sort of swingers…

“Sounds very sexy… I can’t wait for her to arrive… what should we do while we wait?”

Rather than answer with words, you let your actions speak for you, as you start to undress her, and she figures it out quickly and undresses you too. Soon you’re both naked right in the living room, and you have her bent over the couch as you eat her out. She is moaning and writhing in pleasure under your unrelenting attack on her labia and clit. You also are pumping four fingers in and out of her pussy and three fingers from your other hand in and out of her ass.

Soon, Rachel comes home, and is greeted by the sights and sounds of you going down on your sexily moaning Brazilian neighbor. Without a word, she undresses, pulls up a chair, and ties herself to it. The two of you had already set it up with restraints earlier that day. Well, she had set it up, you tested them on her to see if you were satisfied. You were. Silk scarves for her ankles, and a pair of handcuffs for each wrist. She ties ankles first, obviously. Then she cuffs each of her wrists to one side of the chair.

As your sex session with Fernanda continues, you shift positions several times, both for your and her pleasure, and so Rachel can get a really good view of everything.

Eventually, you and your neighbor are both too tired and sated to want to continue for the moment. So you turn your attention to your girlfriend.

She had laid the chastity belt on the floor, the box still unopened.

“Good girl,” you say. “You brought it straight home without tampering with it, and trying to steal a key. Now, this cunt is getting retired. You have already found me one better cunt. She is gorgeous, sexy, passionate, wild, and much more adventurous than you were before she and I started training you. So, you should thank her, both for your training that has only just started, and for being a much better lover for me. And you should also ask her nicely to lock you in chastity where you belong, so you can focus on the really important things, like your training as a good cuckqueen wifey maid slut for us.”

Rachel looks up to Fernanda. “Thank you so much, Miss Fernanda. Thank you for being so much better as a lover for Ross. He deserves a better lover. I was so clearly inadequate. I hope you can train me to be a better lover, or at least to be of some use to the both of you so you and he will keep me around, at least as a cuckqueen wifey maid slut or something. Please, Miss Fernanda, lock me in chastity where I belong so I am not distracted by meaningless selfish things, and can instead focus on that which is truly important and meaningful in my life, namely being trained to be of pleasing use and service to my Owners, Miss Fernanda and Daddy.”

Fernanda looks to you. “That good enough for you, Daddy Ross?”


So, Fernanda slides the belt up Rachel’s legs, and leaves it in place, right over Rachel’s cunt. She sees that Fernanda is waiting for her to finish the job and lock it in place, so she goes to do just that. Except her hands are still cuffed to the chair. So you step over and unlock them, she then locks herself in chastity without any further hesitation. You both kiss her on the head, face, neck, and breasts, then walk over and turn off the camera that has recorded all this for posterity.

“That looks so good on you, Babygirl. Maybe if you’re really good, someday I will just get rid of the keys, and maybe even have it welded permanently shut. We’ll see…”

“Mmm… that does look good on you, Babygirl” Fernanda says, adopting your nickname for your girlfriend. “She’s our Babygirl now, isn’t she, my sexy Daddy?”

“Yes, I guess she is at that…” And you start making out with Fernanda again, as Rachel watches from her chair, with a chastity belt on her crotch, and a smile on her lips. Soon, her hands wander and she starts to play with her breasts.