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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

The next morning you awake to Rachel slowly sliding her mouth up and down your cock. As you open your eyes and focus you can see her bright red lips moving up and down your erection with her eyes closed.

As you lie your head back down, Rachel realizes you are awake. “You win,” Rachel says. “I will let my boss John fuck me rather than Jamie. I need a new cock and I suppose that pig is better than no one. If you won’t let me fuck your friend, John will do.”

Your eyes shoot open, you know she already has but you can’t say anything. As you begin to cum in her mouth you realize just what a dirty slut you have shacked-up with and wonder where all this might end.

As Rachel wipes the cum from her lips she makes her way up your body gradually kissing your torso as she goes, finally finishing with a long slow deep kiss. You can taste yourself but it’s not unpleasant and a second hard-on begins to stir.

“Well I’m off to work,” she says moving off the bed and standing up.

Her legs are covered with deep black stockings and a short black skirt. She slides this up and bends over to show you she is not wearing anything else underneath. The white blouse gives the effect of a schoolgirl or secretary look.

As Rachel reaches the bedroom door she takes a finger, lifts up her skirt and pushes it deep inside of herself. She brings out a spunk covered finger and licks it clean.

“A girl’s got to have breakfast,” she says with a wink and heads off to work…