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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

The rest of the day passes uneventfully. You turn in early that night, still unable to believe that you had sex with a man. You have had experience of items up your ass out of curiosity but you never imagined taking another man’s dick — at least not until today. You decide you will give Shane a call once you are ready.

The next morning after breakfast, the doorbell rings. You answer it to find your neighbor standing at the door way. Fernanda and her family had just moved here a month ago. You greet her and her family when you pass her house every morning when you go for your morning run. Her husband is constantly busy, working as a doctor in the local government hospital. Fernanda is only a housewife so she is home most of the time. Occasionally she will cook some delicious meal and bring some to you, or invite you and Rachel over for dinner.

“Hi Fernanda… How are you doing? Is everything all right?” you say to her.

“Ross, everything is fine. It’s just the water tap in my kitchen. It’s leaking and so I was wondering if you have any handyman you can recommend to me. I really want to get it fixed,” she replies with a graceful smile.

You stare at her luscious body as your mind contemplates whether you should run and get your tool box and help your neighbor fix the faulty tap, or just recommend her some repair man.