Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

“You know what… Let me take a look and see if I can help you fix it, ” you say.

“Really? I mean if that’s not too much trouble…” Fernanda replies.

“Nonsense… I got nothing to do anyway…” you say as you walk to get your toolbox. “Just give me a minute and let me get my toolbox.”

You get the tools you need and followed your neighbor to her house. She shows you the sink. You realize you know how to fix the leak but it will take some time. You set to work immediately. While fixing it, water begins to rush out and you wet your shirt. You took off your shirt and continue fixing the leak.

When you are almost done, you hear the doorbell rang and Fernanda answers it. Moments later she walks in with a beautiful young women.

“Ross, this is Nisa. She lives two doors away from you.” She turns to Nisa, “This is Ross. He’s helping me fix the tap.”

You turn and are amazed by Nisa’s beauty. Her hijab and jilbab fit her perfectly but can hardly conceal her beauty.

“Hi…” you manage to utter, still awed by her beauty.

“Hi,” she replies bashfully.

You realize you are staring and quickly get back to work. You listen to the girls chatter as you continue your work. Eventually you’re finished and tidy up, preparing to leave.