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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

“I want to have a foursome with my boss John and my friend Monica,” your girlfriend says tentatively.

You can’t believe what you have heard. “What did you say?”

“I want another man to fuck me in front of you, plus I have always fantasized about John,” repeats Rachel. “And don’t worry, you have seen Monica. You can fuck her as well. I know you have had a thing for her!” She tugs at your cock and giggles.

She is right; you did have a thing for her sexy friend Monica and have fantasized about fucking her. You look at her with a bedazzled look. “Is this for real?” You are still not sure if this is some kind of a test or something.

Rachel laughs again, realizing that even if you are quizzical about it you don’t seem to mind the suggestion, nor does your cock which is now getting hard at the thought of the idea.

“I don’t know what to say,” you eventually blabber out.

“Do you hate me?” she asks.

“No, of course not,” you reply. “It is normal to have such fantasies. We are all human after all.” You smile back at her. “It is just that I didn’t expect you to be so daring and open to such ideas. I am glad you trusted me enough to be open about this.”

She reaches out and hugs you. “Ross, I love you! And I really think this will bring us even closer together!”

You hug her back tightly. “Okay, let’s do it then,” you say in an agreeing tone.

Rachel kisses you deeply and rubs her pussy over your cock. You sigh in pleasure a little.

“Question is, how will you get them both to agree to a foursome?” you ask as she rubs your cock with her soft hands.

“Oh, well Monica belongs to a rich family who are pretty open about these sort of things and she has appreciated you in passing in one of our wild conversations so I don’t think she will be a problem,” Rachel explains.

Your cock responds to the thought of it and Rachel laughs. “There, there now tiger. Calm down. Another man will be fucking your girlfriend as well in front of you.”

“Well, as long as he satisfies you and your fantasy I wouldn’t mind that. Also I haven’t told you before but I kind of have a similar fantasy of watching you fucked by another man,” you slyly admit. “But how will John agree to this?” You smile as your tease Rachel’s pussy with your finger

“Aaarh…” she gasps at the sudden touch. “Ummph… well he is still single and according to some of my friends he is open to such ideas. They have used him in their fantasy actions as well. He was having an affair with one of my married friends as well.” Rachel whimpers through the words as you insert your finger in her pussy.

“So ermmm… ahhh… yes I can just give him a call and he’ll be here!” She is gasping for breath while telling you. You speed up your fingering while she increases her rubbing of your cock.

It doesn’t take much time before you both cum with loud moans. The thought of fucking your respective crushes in a foursome is such a hard to resist feeling. It edges you over your orgasms and you both fall on the bed, tired but relieved and excited about what is about to unfold.