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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel arrives at work and makes a bee line for John’s office. She knocks and enters. John looks up, smiles and says, “my God, you look amazing today, what can I do for you?”

Without answering Rachel repeats the trick she did at home and lifts the front of her skirt, pushes two fingers into her cunt and then licks them clean whilst keeping eye contact with John. “Well you can start by fucking this,” she says, looking deep into his eyes whilst smiling.

John makes his way around the desk and draws the blinds to his office window while unzipping his growing erection. Rachel greedily drops to her knees and John grabs her head, forcefully ramming his cock into her mouth.

As John gets closer to cumming he starts to call your girlfriend all sorts of vile names, from slut to whore, to cunt, which only makes Rachel even more wet. Finally he pulls his cock out of her mouth just as a wave of spunk is jettisoned out, covering Rachel’s face and eyes.

As Rachel leans back contented, she suddenly turns towards a noise that has occurred to her left. She is horrified to see her nemesis Leon standing in the doorway. He smiles cruelly at Rachel. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were busy, John. I’ll come back later.” He turns and leaves before either party can speak.

John looks at the sperm-covered face of his employee. “Ha ha, fancy Leon knowing you are a slut. He might not hate you as much now. Take a tissue and get out of my office I have work to do. I’ll want to fuck you properly later so don’t go leave the building.” With that, he pushes her away and returns to his desk. She just stands there gaping.

“Erm, fuck off, as in now,” he says starting to get angry. Rachel scrambles to her feet, wiping the cum from her face and leaves the office.

On returning to her desk, Rachel finds a single email in her inbox. It’s from Leon, simply titled, 8pm Foresters Pub. “Be there or I tell your boyfriend what a cheating slut you are. Don’t believe me, open the jpeg.” The attachment brings up a photo of Rachel hungrily sucking on her boss’s cock.

Rachel breathes a sigh of relief. You already knew she was going to fuck her boss today, so she won’t have to give in to Leon’s blackmail.