Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

The day passes just like any other day. You go to the gym and help your client with workouts. Then you head home to have dinner with Rachel.

After dinner, you sit on the sofa as you scroll through the TV channels aimlessly. Rachel comes over and sits on your lap, snuggling into your embrace. “I’m bored. Let’s head out for a drink,” you say after a quick kiss on the lips.

“Well there’s a lot of things we can do at home,” Rachel counters and grins mischievously. She begins to squirm on your lap, rubbing her hips into your groin. You feel your lust stirring. You arms reach around and cup her perky breast and begin massaging it. You take her nipple between your fingers and squeeze it.

You hear Rachel gasp and she begins to grind even harder into your groin. You feel your cock come to life with all the rubbing. You begin to grind into Rachel as your cock fits snugly between the cheeks of her cute bubble butt.

Suddenly you hear your phone ring.