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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

On her journey home Rachel thinks about the day she’s had. At 4pm she got called into John’s office and, as soon as she entered the room, he pushed her forcibly down across his desk. He shoved his huge cock deep inside her without warning and fucked her frantically until he came hard and fast. “Thanks,” he said, “you can go now, see you tomorrow.”

With John’s cum still oozing out of her pussy the drive home was quite uncomfortable and as soon as she entered the house and kicked off her shoes, she headed upstairs for a shower.

Rachel was surprised to find you upstairs waiting for her. “Ross, you’re home early.” You look at her and can see dried cum on the black material of the dress and traces of cum on her leg. You reach out to her, drag her towards you and kiss her on the lips.

“I take it you took your opportunity with John then?” you say, fingering her pussy.

“Fuck me,” is all Rachel replies as she unzips your cock and you slide easily into her well-fucked hole. The feel of another man’s cum in your slutty girlfriend makes you erupt quickly and with a huge load of your own.

“Well time to clean up,” she says as she works her way up to straddle your face. After ten minutes and an almighty orgasm, Rachel finally relents and allows you up for air.

“That horrible fuck, Leon, caught me and John,” Rachel says to you as you lie side by side. “The evil bastard wants to meet me tonight at the Foresters Arms or he will tell you I’m fucking John. I’m so glad that prick has nothing over me.”

Rachel looks at you and waits for a response.

“Listen,” you say, “I don’t mind the John thing but I don’t want Leon telling me you’re a slut. It’s my turn to have some fun!” You grin at your girlfriend. “I want you to go and meet Leon.”

Rachel looks horrified at you. “No fucking way am I doing that.”

You smile back at the disbelief on her face. “You got your wish in fucking John, my wish is that Leon doesn’t tell me you’re a slut. Meet him tonight and, one more thing, you can’t say ‘no’. After tonight we can decide if we want to play the game again.”

Could your girlfriend really go and meet Leon and keep her side of the bargain?