Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

The phone rings and you reluctantly answered it.

“Ross, dude… Can you come over to our club?” Bruce asks on the other end of the phone.

“Em… is this like an emergency? Anything wrong?” you ask, hoping you can avoid the trouble of going to the club. You find it difficult to breathe and talk on the phone with Rachel now horny, kissing your neck and running her fingers all over your ripped torso.

“We’re kind of short-staffed here… Three of the employees call in sick today. And there is some big shot who reserved our entire club tonight for a birthday celebration. So we kind of need some extra hands with the catering, bartending and all,” Bruce pleads, sounding frustrated.

“Calm down… Don’t worry. We got this. I will be over in ten,” you say, realizing how dire the situation is. You hang up the call and kiss Rachel lightly on the lips, reluctantly explaining the situation to her.

Rachel reaches into your boxers and takes hold of your semi-erect cock. You gasp as she squeezes your shaft. She chuckles mischievously before acting childish, pleading you to stay.

You hesitate. Before you can speak, Rachel smiles and said she’s just kidding and that she understands. She reminds you of your responsibility and suggests you hurry along.

You feel bad leaving Rachel alone at home and ask her to join you to help out at the club.