Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You go home for a shower, then you meet up with Lina at your club. She is wearing a off-shoulder strapless Maxi dress which shows off the curves of her body.

You and a few friends opened up the club three years back. It has been running well and the income generated allows you to be extra lavish with your hospitality.

You chat with Lina for hours and learn a lot about her. You understand that she’s a hairdresser and owns three salons. Her first husband passed away while serving in Afghanistan. She divorced her second husband after she found him cheating with his secretary. He was a businessman owning multiple hypermarts. The alimony she receives every month helps her a lot in realizing her dream of owning her very own salon.

Lina is a very easy-going person. She is a tough women who single-handedly brought up all three of her children. The first daughter, who is currently in college and second son, who is finishing high school, are children of the first husband. The youngest son is still in junior high and is the son of her second husband. You listen to the tale of how she struggled to care for her children and tackle her business.

You watch Lina take a sip of her drink and can’t help but feel impressed. After many drinks…