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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ABC...)

“I want to wear vibrating panties in public!” says Rachel eagerly.

You take a minute to process. “Wait so… you want to wear vibrating panties… in public?” you repeat, making sure you heard her right.

“Yeah but you have the controls,” your girlfriend responds.

You think on this for a few minutes (partially with your brain, partially with your penis) while considering the best, and worst outcomes of such an idea. “What if you can’t control yourself in something like a… bus or library for instance? What then?”

“It just adds to the fun,” Rachel responds, accompanied with a flirtatious wink.

“Okay, so that’s it? You wear vibrating panties in public and I can turn them on whenever I feel like it?” You can’t lie, the idea is starting to make your dick twitch under the covers. “And I’ll be walking with you at the time? What if people think my girlfriend is hav-”

Rachel cuts you off. “Ross, don’t overthink this, it’s just a bit of fun. Plus, I’ve also got these if the idea doesn’t sound hot enough for you…”

You lie there wide-eyed as your girlfriend pulls out a huge dildo that must be at least eight inches, and a brand new, shiny, butt-plug larger than a golf ball. “I thought maybe we could try these as well — have me walk around in public like a sex shop mannequin underneath my clothes. Are you convinced now?”

You are almost dizzy. The size of that dildo is insane and you have doubts that your girlfriend could even stretch her pussy around it, let alone stuff it completely inside of herself and strut around in public with it! Even then it would be hardly concealed below a tight pair of jeans or a miniskirt, with a very great risk of it popping out! And the butt-plug… your girlfriend is an anal virgin! Or at least as far as you were aware.

“So babe… what will it be? Just the panties… maybe the dildo… just the butt-plug… how about all three?”