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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

Next morning you and Rachel decided to plan your strategies to get both of them to be part of this. Since they are Rachel’s boss and friend, she will have to be the main player in the success of this plan.

“How do you think we can get them to play on our terms?” you ask Rachel at the breakfast table.

“Yeah I have thought about it.” Her response has a feeling of nonchalance about it. “I’ll plan a friends’ get together inviting my friends including John to the party. After the party I’ll see who sticks around and maybe we can get more than just John to stay over.” Rachel smiles and winks at you as she nibbles at the toast.

“Seems like your fantasy of a foursome can turn into an orgy,” you say, almost choking on your own toast.

“Who knows dear, who knows?” she replies.

“And what about Monica?” you ask while still debating the thought of a potential orgy in your head.

“Oh I’ll invite her too. Good thing for you is that you can go pick her up since she is without her car these days looking for a new one. You can take your time coming home so that by the time you guys reach here, our fantasy will have already begun. You can walk in on us.” Rachel has it all figured out.

“Okay, well, sounds like a plan.” You finish up breakfast and get up to go to work. Your mind is racing with nervous excitement for what is about to unfold tomorrow evening.

Later at dinner Rachel confirms that she has called her friends and invited them over, and that the plan is set into motion. Everyone has agreed. She has told Monica that you will be picking her up and that she need not worry about the ride.

“I joked that she had to keep her hands to herself and not take advantage of the fact that you are alone with her, and we both had a great laugh” Rachel mentions with a giggle. You give her a nervous laugh back.

Finally the time of the event arrives and everyone starts coming over. You’re not aware of which other friends had Rachel called, so apart from John there is your hot neighbor Fernanda, her boss Craig and some of Rachel’s old college friends. You both greet them all and the party kicks off.

Your girlfriend has dressed up for the occasion well in her red dress that shows all her curves in the right areas. The neck line is deep and the pushup bra underneath keeps her breasts popping out. The red lipstick makes her luscious lips more pronounced and sexy. You get an instant hard-on looking at her and you are damn sure all the other guys at the party did too.

You look at your watch and it is time to pick up Monica. You call Rachel out of the party to tell her that you are leaving. You can’t resist looking at your sexy girlfriend, and the idea of her being fucked by other guys at the party is too much for you. Since no one is around you go for a quickie and push her down on her knees, unzip your trousers and get your rock-hard cock out.

“Suck me,” you order and Rachel happily complies as she is feeling quiet horny as well with all the attention she’s been getting. She licks the tip of your cock with her wet tongue and teases it. You groan as she licks the shaft from your balls up, leaving lipstick marks on it, and then suddenly without warning takes the shaft in her beautiful wet mouth and deep-throats it. You can’t bear the pleasure this is giving you and you grab her head and push the shaft till her nose is touching your stomach.

From the corner of your eye you can sense a shadow on the door at the end of the corridor. You sneak a peek and it is John looking at the scene with his mouth wide open. His hand is touching his cock over his trousers. You smile and let him have his fun while you furiously start fucking Rachel in her mouth. It doesn’t take long before you come in her mouth and she swallows it.

You get her up and kiss her beautiful lips again. “Oh baby this was great. Sorry, I couldn’t hold back seeing you look so sexy tonight. I know tonight you want to enjoy it with John but I have some rights too you know!”

You smile at her while saying the last sentence out loud so that John can hear it by the doorway. You see the shadow moving away slowly. After this display you are sure John will be more than ready to play his part in tonight’s fantasy.

Rachel leaves you to get her makeup fixed while you pick up the keys and go out.