Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

You reach Monica’s place and knock on her door. The door opens and there she is in all her glory. Like Rachel, she too has dressed up nicely for the occasion. Her long legs look smooth in her silk evening gown with a leg slit. Her milky-white skin is in good contrast with the black dress. There are black gloves to go with the dress and pretty black heels. She is definitely dressed to kill.

You are so taken aback by her beauty and presence that you forget to say hello. She calls out your name twice before you come out of the trance and say hello in an embarrassing tone. She laughs and you both walk towards the car and get in.

You start driving towards your house while having small talk with Monica. Her fragrance is filling your senses. She is sitting right next to you with one of milky legs lurking out of the slit. You have to restrain yourself hard from touching her thighs. “Patience man,” you tell yourself. “She will be in your arms in a short while.”

She notices a slight rise in your groin area and smiles. “He seems excited to see me,” she thinks. She always enjoys a bit of attention from guys and she is really into you as well.

“I wonder if I will ever be able to break the barrier and fucked by this handsome man” she thinks in dismay. She secretly hopes that Rachel will be down with it, but it seems a long shot so Monica takes a deep breath and ignores her thoughts as you parked in the driveway of your house.

You and Monica get out of the car and you let her pass in front of you while you check out her ass as she walks towards the entrance door. Your cock twitches a little in your pants at the thought of grabbing that soft bum.

You both walk in and it’s awfully quiet for a house with a party. You look at the watch and realize that whoever wanted to leave has left.

“Rachel told me that the party will start off pretty late but seems like it hasn’t kicked off yet,” Monica exclaims.

“If only you knew that the real party has already started in the bedroom,” you smile to yourself.

“Rachel might be in the room, you can go check up on her while I get a glass of water. You need anything?” You move slowly towards the kitchen as Monica shakes her head and approaches the bedroom door.

You peek out from the kitchen to see if Monica has gone in, but she is standing by the door which is slightly open. She seems to be frozen there. Clearly she has seen something that stopped her from going in, or the very least made her wonder what’s going on. You think for a moment and realize that this is your chance to catch her in the act of peeping at your girlfriend and her lover (or lovers.)

You creep up towards Monica, then quietly stand behind her and look inside.