Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

You text your step-sister at work the next day while waiting for your photocopying to be done. “Amy? What do you mean, you saw Rachel in naked pics online?”

Twenty minutes later, you get a text back, it’s your step-sister.

“Exactly what I said, dear brother. And from what I saw, it seems she is quite the little exposure-craving slut, asking… no, she was begging people to share her pics and info in that video I saw. Remember how we had some sexual adventures of our own back in the day, playing ‘Doctor’ as so many kids do? Though we might have gone further than many of them, Ross! It seems you never outgrew the kinky, freaky stuff, hm? I am gonna be back in town in the next few days to drop off some stuff at my ex’s place. Can I drop by to say Hi? And maybe play with your new toy? She’s really sexy, and I promise not to break her. We played so often with each other’s toys growing up, remember? Good siblings always share, right, big brother? (And I do mean BIG…)”

That last part… did she mean… you and her, again? Mmm… And she wants to play with your girlfriend too?

So you reply, “Sure! C’mon over! We finish work and are both home by about six most nights. At worst, at least one of us usually home by then. Just text either of us to confirm and be sure someone will be there. Do you have her number?”

“Yes, I got it online… LOL… As have a few million people by now, I would bet… She is no doubt very popular… Lucky boy… But honestly, I get wanting to show off or brag, but why would you want to expose her this thoroughly? What if she winds up meeting someone and leaving you?”

You sigh. You do worry about that. Rachel leaving you. She is so sexy. Honestly, borderline out of your league. You are a very lucky guy, even putting aside how adventurous a slut she has blossomed into being.

“We love each other. She has no problem with others looking, but touching is for me only. And certain lucky others we each have to approve.”

“So… does big brother approve of his step-sister touching his property in all the right wrong places? *giggles*”

“I have no objections. I will check with her. Or you can.”

“I just sent her a pic of me. You want to see the pic I sent her?”

“Ummm… Sure.”

Soon, you are waiting for the pic to download. Curse your work’s slow wi-fi connection!

It’s your step-sister’s crotch! Wet, and the pic is taken from the point of view of someone looking up at it. With the caption, “your Daddy wants to know if you wanna worship his step-sister’s cunt. So, what’ll it be, Rachel?”

“You actually sent it to her with that caption?”


“Okay… LOL… lemme know when she responds.”

You get another text. This time it’s from Rachel. “Daddy? I just got a cunt shot from someone claiming to be your step-sister, and asking if i wanted to worship it. Did Amy talk to you about any of this? Should I send you the pic? What should I do?”

“Sweetie, yes, I have been chatting with her too, and she already sent it to me. It is up to you. We agreed we would let all the world look at your sexy body, but that only a select few would get to touch. And those few would be selected by us both. I have already decided, but you need to consent too for this to happen. You are not mine to pimp out, darling. You’re my whore, but you’re not an actual whore. You can always consent, or you can refuse to consent to anything involving actual physical contact. And you can withdraw consent if someone crosses a line with you. You just let her know once you’ve made up your mind. I love you, Rachel. And I can’t wait to see you tonight. Pics are sexy, but they aren’t the same as the real thing, even when they show everything like yours do.”

“Are… are you on a site looking at some of my pics, Daddy?”

“Yes, I am, Babygirl. This is how Daddy always entertains himself at work when I don’t have any actual work to do, but need to look busy. So many comments, including people saying that there’s no way any real woman would post stuff like this, so you must be a fake, but others have replied, saying how they’ve chatted with you on the phone, and that you’re real.”

“Mmmm… I am real, Daddy… And real horny… may i please cum, Daddy? Please?”

“How long since your last masturbation cum, my sweet slut?”

“Two weeks, Daddy.”

“Well then, if you can remember how long it’s been, it hasn’t been long enough. Fourteen more edges then, one edge for each day since your last masturbation cum. But no cumming at least until Daddy gets home. How’s your studying for your pilot’s exam going, by the way?”

“Great, Daddy! Still reading and going over all the rules and procedures and stuff…”

“Good girl. My step-sister is already a pilot, and maybe she can help you too. If you say yes, of course. Heck, I’m sure she’d be glad to help you anyways, even if you two aren’t having sex too…”

“Mmmm… I would love to fly her friendly skies, Daddy… She is very sexy…”

“She is my sister, so no comment from me on that. Now, I have work, and you have manuals to study. Later, Babygirl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

You shake your head, trying to clear it of all the naughty thoughts circling in there like planes waiting to land.

Eventually, after a… less than ideally productive afternoon, you finally are heading out the door, and on your way home. As you are buckling your seat belt, get a text notification. It’s your step-sister.

“See you tonight! She is one eager little slut! Lucky us!”

You get home as quickly as possible, not wanting to miss any of the fun you know is in store for the three of you tonight.