Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

The image, even though you were kind of expecting it, startles you a bit. Rachel is standing in her hot red dress in front of John, while John’s hand is inside her dress from her leg slit — moving, it seems, on her pussy through the panties. His other hand is around her neck and holding her chin as their lips are locked in a passionate kiss. Rachel’s ass is bent a little, rubbing into John’s cock. They are still fully dressed.

Monica is not expecting this but is definitely feeling aroused by the whole scene. Rachel had shared her crush details with her so she is aware that your girlfriend has the hots for her boss. She didn’t expect though that Rachel would actually go ahead and turn her fantasies into reality. This daring step of hers makes Monica slightly envious of her boldness. If only she could do the same with Rachel’s boyfriend.

The thought turns her on a bit and her beautiful hands move towards her cheeks. She is kind of lost in the scene in front of her and her imagination as she touches her lips. Her beautiful slender fingers slip into her mouth as she sucked on them in anticipation.

This is your signal. You build up the courage and press your body against her back while suddenly grabbing her mouth with your hands so that she doesn’t yell out. Monica gets startled but you gesture her to keep quiet and that, if she does, you will take your hands off. There is an element of surprise and fear in her eyes but she nods her head in agreement and you let go of her mouth.

She continues to look at the scene in front of her while her heart is racing. She can feel your throbbing hard member touching her ass crack over the black silk dress.

“Is my fantasy coming true as well?” she asks herself in the heat of the moment. There is no time to think as you interrupt her thought process. You slide your hands through the slit of her silky dress and touch her bare thighs. Oh, they are soft and tender.

Your touch sends an electric sensation through her body. Monica shivers in excitement as you tenderly caress her thigh. Slowly your hand moves further inside and your fingers touch the top of her pussy over her panties. Monica moaned a little. Her hands reach up and grab your neck as her head moves backwards to rest on your left shoulder. You rub her pussy through her panties as she continues to moan. Her eyes are closed and her lips are quivering in anticipation.

You slowly put your fingers inside her panties and touch her pussy directly. She gasps out loud. Loud enough for John and Rachel to look in your direction. John is slightly taken aback and he takes his hand out of Rachel ‘s dress and tries to move aside, but Rachel grabs his hand and keeps it there. The poor guy doesn’t know what to do or what to make of the situation.

“It’s okay John, my boyfriend knows,” says Rachel, calming him down. John suddenly remembers Rachel’s blow job to you in the corridor and how you had loudly mentioned about Rachel liking to do it with John. He smiles knowingly.

His hand moves down on Rachel’s pussy with more assurance now and starts fingering her. Rachel is in heaven. She spreads her legs a little to give John more access to her pussy.

While Rachel and John get busy with it, you slide your hands back down to Monica’s pussy and rub her pussy lips. Both girls are moaning loudly as their pussies are being rubbed hard. You slowly part her pussy lips and insert your finger. Monica is wet like hell. Your finger slides in her quite easily and she is moaning uncontrollably while biting her lower lip.

She starts to move her pussy slowly while impaling it on your finger. Your other hand has taken the straps of her dress off her shoulder and exposed her boobs, covered in a sexy black lacy bra with lots of cleavage. Her ass is rubbing into your cock, making it grow hard as wood. You increase the speed of your finger in her pussy, clad in those sexy panties.

Monica can’t take it anymore. The pleasure is too much to bear. Her body stiffens and then, with a shriek, she comes on your fingers. You keep planting kisses on her neck as she is panting with the ripples of her orgasm.