Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

Rachel, in the meantime, has unzipped John and dropped his pants and boxer shorts. His large cock is in her small soft hand as she rubs it while he fingers her pussy from the back. John’s other hand is in her dress from the neck, rubbing Rachel’s boobs as they both kiss each other hard.

Suddenly Rachel breaks the kiss and gets on her knees. John realizes he is about to get sucked by her and immediately gives a standing ovation through his hard seven-inch cock. Rachel grabs the cock and rubs it a little softly as she gives a nice smooth lick to the tip. John groans as she takes her tongue from the tip and slides it all the way until she is at his balls. Rachel holds the cock in her hand and licks the vein below the cock up and down a few times. She is an expert at sucking, you can vouch for that.

John can’t resist any more and he grabs Rachel by her head and slips his cock into her inviting mouth through those red lipstick-covered lips. He grabs her hair with one hand and slowly fucks her mouth. Her lips are luscious and so inviting, you can imagine how much pleasure he would be in. His cock is slightly thicker than yours with some veins visible and is surely a mouthful for Rachel. Just the way she likes it.

She is definitely enjoying sucking his cock as she applies all the tricks of the trade. John is in heaven and can’t take it anymore while standing. Rachel pushes him to sit on the bed while she moves her mouth between his legs. She is still on her knees and her hair is all over his legs. The silky hair must be giving him extra sensation on his legs as she bends to suck his cock. John has spread his legs wide to give more access to Rachel.

You just can’t believe that you have allowed this to happen, within your own house at that. Part of you is really turned on by seeing your girlfriend sucking another man’s cock in front of you. She is now taking the cock deep in her mouth and making him groan hard in ecstasy. The tip is touching her soft wet throat as the whole member rubs through her lips.