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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

Monica has recovered from her orgasm and is looking with dreamy eyes at Rachel sucking John. You look at Monica and your eyes meet. Monica gives you a shy smile as if she is still a bit unsure how to proceed but you know you have her where you want her to be. In your arms. You slowly move downward and meet her lips with yours. The initial kiss is soft and hesitant and then, as if Monica finally gives in to the situation, she presses her lips hard on yours.

Her tongue slips into your mouth and you both explore each other’s mouth. She tastes so good. In the meantime her hands are fiddling with your trousers and after some struggle she is able to take them and the boxers off. You quickly take your shirt off and become completely naked. She breaks the kiss and looks at your raging hard-on. You pull her dress down and drop it in a heap at her feet.

Now you can see Monica in her lacy bra and G string. Your girlfriend’s friend is standing nearly naked in front of you. Just like you have fantasized about her. Her body is more beautiful than you had actually imagined her to be. She has a nice pair of boots, not too large nor too small, with a thin waist and a nice soft ass. Over all she has really sexy body and anybody would go crazy wanting to fuck her. It isn’t a fantasy any more though.

It is becoming a reality thanks to your girlfriend Rachel. You hug Monica hard and take her panties off. She feels a bit shy and blushes trying to hide her naked pussy, but you softly take her hands away. She has nice trimmed hair of just the right amount. Your cock is just so hard it won’t go down.

“Oh Monica, you are so beautiful, I can’t even imagine how great this is gonna be,” you just couldn’t resist complementing her.

“Thanks Ross. You are not half bad yourself either!” Finally she has the courage to compliment in return.

You grab her soft hands and put them on your cock. She gasps a little at you taking such a liberty but you soothe her. “It’s okay, you can touch it or suck it, whatever you want,” you tell her. She is just staring at it and as if in a trance. She gets on her knees and comes face to face with your cock. You can feel her breath on the tip. Her hands are slowly rubbing the shaft. You take the lead again and touch your cock on her lips. She slowly opens her mouth and you enter your shaft in her juicy wet mouth.

“Arrrghhhh,” you moan a little as slowly you insert it in her sexy wet mouth and start moving back and forth. She is rolling her tongue on it and sucking it nicely. Your fingers are running through her black silky hair as she slowly picks up her sucking. She is definitely driving you crazy, also the idea that you are face-fucking your girlfriend’s friend Monica in front of your girlfriend is just unbelievably sexy.

You look at Rachel and John, and John has changed positions. Rachel’s dress is off and she is just in her panties, lying on the bed with her head hanging from it. John has inserted his cock in her mouth while standing by the bed and is fucking her face like a pussy. His fingers are trailing on her sexy body and slowly going in her panties to rub her already soaking wet cunt. As his fingers enter her pussy, Rachel groans on his cock, but can’t say a word as the monster cock is going deep in her throat. Her eyes are becoming watery at this deep assault, but you bet she loves it.

She always wanted to suck a cock that went deep in her throat. You have a decent cock but John is something else. Rachel takes his cock out and, while holding it in her hand, she says to John, “I like it rough so it’s okay if you want to go fast, my mouth is all yours today to fuck and so is my every hole. Fuck me, use me like you have always fantasized!”

John goes into crazy mode and with a loud groan entersd Rachel’s mouth again this time with renewed vigor. Your girlfriend is now at his mercy and you wonder, “I bet she loves the dominant side of John.” Somehow this is turning you on so much.

Monica has picked up her pace on your cock and you start to fuck her face hard as well. All the while she is looking at you. She looks so sexy in that position. Your orgasm is building up but you don’t want to come so early into the night, so you take out your cock and grab by her hair. You move towards the small mattress by the side of the and kind of push her on that. She is a bit surprised at your aggressive behavior. “Ross, easy there, you don’t have to be rough!” You don’t listen though. You come by the side of her head and press your cock again between her lips. “Shut up and suck it.” She resists a bit but you don’t take out your cock.

You lean forward and start kissing her naked body until you reach her pussy. You are deep-throating her a bit with your cock so she is choking on it and her hands are pushing at your body to push you away but you don’t ease up. She is gasping for breath. You spread her legs and plaster your lips on her naked pussy while easing up a bit on her throat a little. She breathes and suddenly tenses up as your tongue laps up her pussy juices. She is wriggling a bit at this sudden assault but you slowly start fucking her face and licking her pussy hard. Sixty-nine has been one of your favorite positions and you have had tried it with Rachel a lot of times. Fucking Monica’s mouth like a pussy is so delicious and sexy . Sucking her pussy has kinda eased her up and she is now much more responsive at taking your cock in her mouth and sucking it hard.

The night has now gone in full swing. The room is filled with so much sexual energy. The taboo nature of the encounter is making it even more exciting. John has finally taken his cock out of Rachel’s mouth and is sucking at her boobs. He is rolling his tongue on the nipples and encircling them. Rachel is really enjoying this and her fingers are busy with her pussy. She is in ecstasy saying all sorts of things. “Oh John, thank you so much for doing this to me. I have been waiting for this to happen for so long and now I am finally yours to enjoy. You can dominate me and do whatever you want. You can tie me up and fuck me or cum in my mouth!”

You have never seen this side of your girlfriend. Usually she is pretty much in charge of the proceedings and you like that about her, but this was definitely something new and exciting.

After sucking her nipples for a while, John lies his naked body on Rachel’s while his cock is pressed along her pussy. He is kissing her hard while rubbing the hard cock over Rachel’s slit. Rachel is becoming uncontrollable with pleasure. John is also milking this opportunity to the max and prolonging the pleasure sensations hitting both their bodies.

“Oh Rachel!” John yells out, “I have dreamed to fuck you all day at work. Strutting around in your deep necks and sexy curvy figure. I never thought I’d get a chance but here I am lying on top of you. My cock is rubbing on to your naked hot pussy. The fact that I am fucking you in front of your boyfriend is so much exciting. ”

“Yes John, fuck me in front of my boyfriend. Fuck me hard, dominate me. I am all yo…..”

John doesn’t let her finish and inserts his hard seven-inch cock in her extremely wet and soft pussy.

Rachel sighs so loud, as if finally satisfied that he has penetrated her.

“Ohhhh aaarggh. Rachel, your pussy is so soft and wet. I am surprised it is still so tight. Oh I love your sexy body so much!”

“Oh yes baby, fuck me with your monster dick. I have never had such a big cock and I am loving it… aahhh yess yess,” Rachel is mumbling as John raids her pussy hard.

This all is too much to bear for you and you start fucking Monica in her mouth hard. She is now taking the cock completely in while letting you suck her tasty pussy.

“Oh Monica, you are so sexy baby, your husband is an asshole that he doesn’t give you attention. You are thing to cherish. You have a body of a goddess. So well-toned and maintained and I am enjoying every inch of it!” you exclaim as you fuck her pretty mouth. She is groaning in response.

You finally take your hard wet cock out and Monica breathes a little.