Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Edgar...)

“Oh Ross, I haven’t had a cock for a while,” says Monica, trying to catch her breath. “My husband doesn’t pay much attention to me. He has interests in other girls. I have tried to avoid this but it had to happen. My body needed sex and thanks to Rachel’s fantasy, now I am able to satisfy. Plus I already had the desire to fuck you but my friendship with Rachel kind of stopped me from making the move.”

“Judging by your lingerie and sexy dress, it seems like you were hoping to get lucky with someone here,” you smile at her.

“Yes, but I hadn’t thought about you, since I thought you were off limits. I knew about John and that he was coming to the party. I heard he was a womanizer and I thought, well he must be easy to get into bed and someone who will keep quiet too,” she tells you innocently.

“Oh, well I have loved you since the day I saw you and Rachel kinda knew as well but hey, if you had John in your mind as well we can always join them,” you offer her.

“God, Ross, I am so turned on by the thought of us four having sex together. Let us do that!” she replies in an excited tone.

“Sure, but let me satisfy my fantasy with you,” you say as you move your naked body between her legs and your cock rests on her slightly hairy pussy. “Baby are you ready to be fucked by my hard cock?” you ask her as you rub your cock on her pussy.

“Oh yes, Ross, please fuck me, I am dying for a cock for ages now. Please fuck me hard!” Monica pleads.

You don’t need a second invitation. The friend of your girlfriend, a woman you have fantasized about, is willingly asking you to fuck her hard.

You plunge your cock deep in her inviting pussy in one swift jerk. Monica doesn’t seem ready for such a sudden attack and her mouth opens wide at the sudden push and her eyes widen. “Arghhhhhh!” She makes a sound which seems like a mixture of both pain and pleasure“

You seal her mouth with your lips and start giving her fast and swift pumps. She is mumbling sounds even with her lips locked in a French kiss with you. Clearly this is getting too much for her to bear. The ecstasy and the complete abandonment is so very exciting. You are fucking the married friend of your girlfriend and she is enjoying every bit of it.

Meanwhile, Rachel is now moaning so loudly you wonder if the neighbors can hear it. John is going full throttle at her pussy and both are nearing their climax. Suddenly you realize John isn’t wearing a condom. But neither are you. “What if he comes inside Rachel?” you wonder. But you are about to do the same to Monica’s pussy.

Another man is going to fill your girlfriend’s pussy with his cum. Suddenly this excites you so much that you increase your pounding of Monica’s pussy. Monica has spread her legs wide and every jerk is inducing a guttural sound from her mouth. Your chest is crushing her beautiful breasts under you and you are kissing her neck and sucking on it. She smells so nice and tastes so good.

“Oh the taste of the forbidden fruit,” you excitedly think. The hot cum is boiling in your balls and Monica’s constant moaning and her soft pussy are pushing you to the climax. She has already come twice and her pussy is flooded with her juices.

“Oh dear, I am going to cum now,” you sort-of let her know in your ecstacy.

“Aahh Ross… come on my body. Spray your love juice all over me!” Monica urges you.

“Oh baby too late. I am going to come inside you,” you groan as you do one final push and it hits you.

“Nooooo not inside me…” Monica cries out, but it’s too late. Your hard cock releases spurts of cum inside her. You grab her hands above her head real hard and keep pumping your seed in her soft pussy.

“Aahhhhh… mmmmfff… oh god!” The feeling is too much to bear as you empty your balls in Monica and fall on top of her naked body.

“Monica, I am sorry, I couldn’t stop in time. Your pussy was sucking me in so hard. I just couldn’t resist,” you tell her apologetically.

“It is okay, what is done is done.” Monica seemed to have overcome her initial stress.

You kiss her lips. They taste so good again. She is panting with the labor of love she was put through, so you let her rest a bit and raise your head to see what’s going on the bed.

Rachel is all on fours on the bed while John is pounding her from behind. He is holding on to Rachel’s hair and pulling her head back with each thrust. She is yelling out his name hard and urging him to fuck her. John smacks her ass a bit and she really seems to be enjoying the sexual assault on her.

Seeing your girlfriend getting fucked like that is so very exciting. Your limp cock is suddenly twitching again. You decide to go towards Rachel’s face. Since her head is pulled back by John, you stand in front of her lips with your limp cock and insert it in her mouth. She is so much in ecstasy that she doesn’t care who is fucking her anymore. She hungrily sucks on your limp cock and in seconds it is hard again. She is now being fucked hard in two of her holes. She rolls her tongue around your cock as John fucks and smacks her. She groans on your cock every time that happens.

“Babe, you love it when you are being roughly handled? I didn’t know that!” you ask Rachel.

She takes out your cock and yells out. “Yes Ross, I love it. Fuck my mouth as John is fucking my pussy hard! Deep throat me!” This is enough for you to jam your cock back in her mouth and speed up your fucking while holding her head.

In the meantime you feel a hand on your ass and you look back to see Monica there. She comes between your legs from behind and joins Rachel by your cock. While you are fucking Rachel’s face, Monica starts licking your balls while rubbing your ass.

“Oh my god, this is heaven,” you wonder as you continue to pound Rachel’s mouth. John is yelling that he is about to come in Rachel.

Suddenly Monica inserts her finger in your anal opening and it pushes you over the edge. The unexpected assault acts as the final straw. One hard thrust in Rachel’s mouth and you start coming for the second time. Monica continues to suck at your balls and slowly fingers your asshole. Your body is jerking and shaking while Rachel sucks of every last drop of your cum.

“It seems like John needs some help.” Monica smiles and winks at you and moves behind John as he is fucking Rachel.

John rolls Rachel over as you fall by the side, all spent. He gets her in missionary position with her legs spread wide and pounds her pussy again. Rachel has orgasmed twice or thrice already and still John is going strong. He has a lot of experience on his side so it isn’t surprising that he can last this long.

Monica is about to change all that. She moves behind John and rubbed her hands on his muscular and toned body. One of her hands cups and caresses his balls and the other rubs his ass. She kisses his neck and rubs her breasts on his bare back. John is clearly enjoying double the attention from the ladies as you sit there watching it all unfold.

Monica turns John’s face and give him a full on kiss on his lips. Their tongues meet and John slows down his speed a bit on Rachel. Rachel is in seventh heaven. Her pussy is so sensitive after three orgasms in a row and she has never been in that state before. The maximum she has orgasmed with you is twice and that was very rarely. Her eyes are closed and she lies there meekly letting John fuck her to his pleasure.

Monica breaks the kiss and lies down below John’s ass under his balls and licks them. John groans a bit more and speeds up his fucking again, waking Rachel up from her rest. Rachel can sense another orgasm building in her as John’s relentless fucking continues.

With a wild shriek, Rachel orgasms for the fourth time. This tips John over the edge. He is fucking his employee in her bed in front of her boyfriend while her sexy friend Monica, who he had never met before, is under him sucking his balls. He gives a final thrust in Rachel’s soft pussy and cums with a loud, wild, animalistic groan. Monica keeps sucking his balls as he emptied them in your girlfriend’s pussy unprotected.

As John’s orgasm subsides, Monica takes his cock out and sucks him hard. She licks his cock clean as Rachel lies there in a delirium, all dazed by your side. You both look at each other and smile.

“Thank you baby,” Rachel says.

“You are welcome honey,” you reply with a smile.

The End