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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

Watching your step-sister’s pussy and ass so close to Rachel’s mouth decides it for you. That way, your girlfriend can lick your balls too. And besides, you always did love fucking Amy’s ass back in the day — that way there’s no risk of you getting her pregnant.

You get on the bend and you bend Amy forward to give yourself a better angle to fuck her ass. You scoop some of her pussy juices over her butt-hole and your cock to serve as lube, finger-banging her and getting your fingers licked by Rachel in the bargain. Soon, you’re satisfied that she is as ready as she is gonna be for your massive rock-hard dick.

With a thrust, you are halfway into her, then you start working the rest of your eight-inch cock into your step-sister’s tight ass. She is moaning in ecstasy, rocking onto Rachel’s face, smothering her, then humping back against you.

“This ass…is so tight, Amy, when was the last time it got fucked?”

“You. No one else has ever gotten my ass, big brother…”

“Oh? And why is that, my slutty sis?”

“Mmmm… cause… cause… mmmm… fuck… it’s still true… no one could ever fuck me like you… you ruined me for other men, Daddy… I’m a lesbian, except for my very big brother… No other dicks for me… I am so jealous of Rachel, Daddy… I wish I was owned by this cock too…”

Hearing her confess this to you is so intense, so hot, you can’t hold out much longer, her ass is about to get painted with thick ropes of your cum. So, not wanting to end the fun too quickly, you pull out, much to her chagrin. You turn her around, forcing Rachel to scramble to keep her face in your step-sister’s juicy twat.

“You wanna be owned by this cock too, Sis? To be your brother’s cocksleeve like Rachel is? Say it. Beg to my cocksleeve, Amy. Then take my cock, flavored with your ass, down your whore throat to show me you mean it…”

She gazes up at you, and begs, “Please, Ross… Please, Daddy… I want to be nothing but a fuckhole for my big brother. A cocksleeve for his magnificent, bitch-taming cock. This perfect cock has already ruined me for all other cocks, none could ever have compared with this divine perfection. I want to spend the rest of my life worshiping this glorious cock. Please, Daddy… let me join Rachel and be your cocksleeve too…” Then she greedily gulps down your cock, that had just come out of her ass a moment ago. Deep-throating your long thick meatpole on the first attempt. Burying her nose in your pubes, and moaning as you can feel her throat muscles straining to accommodate your cock.

Amy bobs up and down, slathering her tongue along the sides, to get every last bit of her ass juices off of your cock. You stroke her hair, smiling down at her as she continues looking up at you, she never breaks eye contact. Clearly, the lessons you two learned back then have stuck, and she is still well-trained. You were 23 & 21 the last time you had gotten together; now, so many years later, the idea that she never found a guy that could compare to you in bed absolutely blows your mind, and convinces you that you need to be a good brother, and make her your slave, especially since she asked so nicely.

You tell Rachel to stop eating your step-sister out, and to sit on the bed beside her. You ask Rachel if she heard what Amy said, and she says she did. Most of it, anyways. You ask her if she has any objections to having Amy move in with you and her, so that she can be trained to be your slave too.

Rachel asks, “Daddy? Is she going to be my sister slave? Or my Domme, and your slave?”

You realize you hadn’t thought of that. “Amy? Do you wanna be her Domme? Or her sister slave? You’re already my actual sister. Yes, step-sister. But c’mon… we have discussed it in the past, it would be even hotter if we were legit blood siblings… the forbidden-ness would just be even higher level… Are you a switch, Amy? Or a sub?”

“I’m a total slave for you, Daddy… But, when it comes to the girlfriends I’ve had over the years, I am a switch. Would you like to be my sub too, Rachel? I love your Daddy, I hope that’s obvious, and I just wanna join and play with you both…” She kisses Rachel on the neck a couple times and hugs her tightly.

Rachel gladly leans into Amy’s affections, “Mmm… Yes, umm… Miss? If you’re to be my Mistress, what should I call you?”

Your step-sister looks at you, somewhat unsure, yet also thrilled at Rachel’s acceptance.

You step in. “When she is your Domme, that will be her choice of title. When she is being my sub, you’ll call her Sistress. Cause she is your sister slave, but still above you in the familial hierarchy here. When we aren’t playing, you’ll call her by her given name. Make sense, Amy?”

Amy chuckles at your response. “Very creative, Daddy. Yes, I love that idea. Brilliant, as always. Sistress… I love the sound of that… As for my title when I am your Domme, you drippy, delectable little strumpet… (she drags a fingernail along Rachel’s jawline as she is saying this), you will call me… Mommy. May as well keep with the incest theme, right?”

“Mmmm… yes Mommy.”

“Good girl. Now, Daddy interrupted us before, Granted, he had both a good reason, and every right to do so, as he is our Daddy, and we are just his slutty cocksleeves. But still, you owe your Sistress a cum, if Daddy doesn’t object to his new cocksleeve cumming, of course?”

“Good slut,” you say. “Yes, your orgasms do now belong to me. And what better way to welcome you to our kinky family than with our Babygirl eating her Mommy to an edge, then Sistress begging Daddy for permission to cum. So, let’s get to it!”

Soon, Rachel has Amy on the brink of an explosive climax, and she is begging for permission to cum.

“Daddy also hasn’t cum yet, you greedy slutty cocksleeve,” Rachel admonishes her. “And I also didn’t decide my name for you yet… So, titty-wank Daddy to a cum, while I decide your new name… And until Daddy cums, don’t either of you even dare thinking about cumming!”

Amy soon has you on the brink of cumming like a geyser all over her titties.

“Ngghh… Ngghhhh… ” As you’re spurting all over her titties, it comes to you… her new name… “Rachel is Babygirl… and from now on… you will be… Dolly… Daddy’s Delta Dolly… since you are a pilot for Delta… Now cum for Daddy, Dolly…”

Her eyes roll in the back of her head, and she blacks out from the force of her orgasm, as she squirts all over Rachel’s face, who slurps it all up as quickly as she can, not wanting to miss or waste any.

Eventually, Amy comes back around, and by now you and Rachel are cuddling with her in the middle, all quietly basking in the afterglow of the most intense sex any of you have ever had.

She lets you know she is awake by asking one question. “Daddy? When can I move in?”