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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you drive home you start to ask a million questions, but within minutes Rachel is asleep beside you exhausted and has not made much sense. When you arrive home you wake her up and have to physically help her into the house and upstairs. Rachel collapses on the bed and you look down at her and her cum-soaked face and dress.

As you strip off and lie down beside her you can’t believe the size of your erection, your cock is like a rod of steel. Gently you lift the very fine material of the dress and look at her swollen cunt, gaping open with cum still oozing out of it.

As you push your cock deep inside her Rachel opens her eyes. “I’m a little sore, but that feels nice.” As you pick up the pace you gently probe her ass with a finger. You know this turns her on, especially when you push a little into her. Despite this, Rachel never lets you go any further with her ass. She can’t take a full finger, so she isn’t taking a cock up there.

As you gently massage her asshole whilst your cock is slowly fucking her cunt, you realize your finger has indeed gone in to its full length. As you pull it out to lube it with your spit you realize it’s coated already in a white slimy substance. Instinctively you know it’s cum, and you push the finger into your mouth to check. The smell, taste and realization makes you erupt with a ferocious orgasm

As you pull out Rachel instantly starts to straddle you. “I so need you to lick me. Please and I will tell you what happened tonight while you do it. I hope you won’t be too angry.”

Incredibly your hard-on returns with a vengeance as your girlfriend’s sloppy cunt engulfs your mouth.