Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Luther...)

As your girlfriendtries to recover from her deep-throat fuck, you’re all ready to continue her path into sexual slavery. You lie down on the bed and pull your legs up, commanding Rachel to lick your asshole. She slowly crawls toward you and just before she is about to say something, you grab her hair and stuff her face into your ass.

You feel your girlfriend’s hot tongue start to work around you tight hole. You hold her head with one hand and start stroking you cock with the other. You can feel her tongue getting deeper in your ass.

As you close in on your second orgasm you pull her head out from your ass and shove her disheveled face down on your cock. She gags violently as you blow another load down her throat. This time she snorts and some of your cum shoots out her nose.

When you finish, you drag her to the shower. She is a little scared yet curious as to what else you have planned.