Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yijjf...)

“I want to play with saliva!” your girlfriend drools.

“What?” you say as your blood rushes through your dick, causing it to shoot up.

“I love saliva,” Rachel whispers. Her voice is soft like a light wind in a forest before sunset. Her breath warms your ear. The shiver travels from your head to your spine and then all the way down to your cock. The warm of your hand on your thigh almost causes your cum to combust.

Rachel gets up and changes into a schoolgirl outfit. For round two you guess.

You jerk a little as precum leaks out of your cock. Your cock is begging for to release itself.

“What kinds of stuff?” you ask her as her she playfully and idly stares at your cock with her face in a smirk and the far side of her lip bitten while she wears her flirty clothes, which is a sight that hurdles your cock to its limit.

“Huh?” she says. Keeping her innocent expression. She licks her lips and a bit of cum spurts out, startling her.

“What kind of stuff?” you repeat with slight difficulty.

“Oh. You know, all kinds of stuff. Spit swap. Sloppy kissing. I even thought of doing it with a girl. What did you think I meant?”

You can’t respond. Your body shakes even more as you attempt to contain the semen that is about to burst from your body. Rachel sees your shaking cock and sticks her tongue out as she now is hovering on top of you.

You shove her head down towards yours as she submerges her tongue into your mouth. Then she yanks out her tongue and spits in your mouth as your cum explodes onto her thighs.

Tomorrow will be a good day.