Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yijjf...)

The next day, you return to your penthouse from work.

You walk into your room. Your bed has black silk sheets (traces of cum still on the sheets) and white silk pillows. It has thin, white curtains to surround the bed. Your wall is a very light grey. The sun has just set, letting the light from the sky peek through the curtains that cover the door to the balcony. Around you, candles are lit all across the top of short but long shelves, the sink; tub; and shower in the bathroom connected to the right of your bedroom, the nightstands next to the bed, the ledge on the fireplace directly opposite to your bedroom, and crowded among the kitchen counter directly outside on the right side facing opposite to you bed, emitting a soft but very noticeable orange glow around the whole room. The light grey walls allow for a slightly richer color while still allowing a large amount of orange glow to reflect off the walls. The candle is the scent of the perfume she wore on the date where you first had sex.

Rachel walks out from the closet on the left edge of the room. She is wearing a French maid outfit without panties and with some extra dark spots where she has drooled, tinting her scent with saliva. The drool across the lower part of her cheek and chin creates a gleaming effect on her skin, with her skin being further complimented by the glow of the candles.

You approach your girlfriend, but she slaps you and says, “Be patient sweety.” Her voice is soft, bossy, and lustful, with the loving quality she usually speaks to you with seeping out a little and the pitch somewhere between her normal voice and her raised pitch when she (attempts) to roleplay being a slut. She places her hand to her mouth and coughs, as she tries to keep a completely lustful voice (but still fails.) That thing she does with her voice is always adorable.

You can see her begin to blush a little but your grin causes her blush to cover most of her face. “Stop it and get on the fucking bed!” she says with little authority or force, causing her to giggle and her redness to cover her whole face. You obey anyway and strip naked.

Everything she has done has make your cock stretch and expand to a length and girth you didn’t know you could go to, while your hardness reaches a level you didn’t even know was possible.

You lie down on the bed as Rachel crawls and hovers over you, causing her drool to drip onto your face as she looks down at you, with her hair surrounding part of your face, flooding your nose with her natural scent. This gives you a perfect mix of her perfume and her natural scent you have come to love so much.

She lets go of one of your arms and says, “Gag me, Ross,” with difficulty as her arousal level has made it hard to breathe. You shove your fingers deep into her mouth making saliva pour out onto your hand. After you pull out your hand, you put into your mouth to taste her saliva. Because of the gagging, her saliva build up has filled her mouth causing it to continuously leak out her mouth onto your face.

You beg her to let her saliva flood your face, but she shakes her head no. She wants you to savor each drip of drool. And you do. She has to puff up her cheeks to contain the saliva. A sight so adorable you decide to let the drool to continue to drip slowly. You barely notice that she has pulled the outfit down enough to expose her breasts. You only give them a slight glance.

She pins down your arms again. Due to the length your dick has stretched to, Rachel can rub a good amount of pussy against your dick, even as she hovers over you. While doing this, Rachel accidently inserts your dick into the back wall of her vagina. This startles her, causing the saliva in her mouth to explode onto her face.

She lets out a squeal out of shock and giggles. “Sorry about that,” she says with what almost appears to be genuine guilt. “I could see you were enjoying that.” She bends down and licks the large globs of saliva off your face. Rachel then licks the saliva that exploded onto the pillow allowing you to savor the scent of her hair and body with saliva seeping through the side of her nose.

She gets out a dildo from the nightstand and inserts her pussy on top of your dick. She sits there as she slowly inserts a little of the dildo into her mouth before it becomes too much. Rachel then spits a little out onto your stomach. She takes her hand and rubs it against the saliva on your stomach. She takes the saliva that stuck to her hand and rubs it on her breasts.

She picks up the dildo again and says, with slight hesitation, “Why don’t we both gag ourselves with the dildo? I always wanted a boy who was a bit of a faggot.” Her face shows a trace of guilt. She doesn’t like to feel as if she mistreated you.

Your girlfriend shoves the dildo in her mouth as far as she can take it. She then hands it to you with large amounts of her saliva now on your hand (she is still sitting on your dick.) She squeezes her pussy around your dick, causing you to wince. She bites her bottom lip as she tries not to giggle. She lessens her pussy’s grip as she alternates between tight and loose.

With the dildo in your hand, you decide to….