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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tiffj...)

Rachel says, “Hey, I could get Dana to come. I’ve fucked her before. Even after I started dating you.” She begins to blush and look nervous. Her body tenses as your dick becomes more stiff. The thought that Rachel has gone behind your back with Dana makes your mind implode with lust. You begin to think of them kissing as your dick explodes your lust outward.

Your girlfriend promptly licks the cum off the sheets in one fell swoop.

The next day, you come back home and go to your bedroom. You see Dana and Rachel kissing. Some of your cum is absorbed into your underwear, while a little bit travels outward onto your pants. Rachel is on top and taking control from Dana. Dana is submissive, just like you hoped. Rachel notices you come in. She turns around and looks at you with strings of saliva creating a connection between her mouth and Dana’s. Saliva strands wrap around her face.

Your cock gets hard again and your cum leaks into your pants. Rachel taunts you, “You gotta last longer than that.” She dashes over to you and yanks your pants down and begins to absorb the cum on your pants into her tongue. You see Dana look at you with an uncomfortable smile. Dana is still fully dressed with saliva decorating her shirt. She sucks up the saliva strands.

Dana wears a short skirt and a t-shirt. She has plastic glasses with rectangular frames that sometimes have trouble staying up on her sparsely freckled nose. Dana’s lips are a little thin and her top two front teeth have a small gap between them. Her pitch black hair is in a ponytail with bangs stopping at the top of her eyebrows. Her breasts are not notably large, but just big enough to squeeze together. Her thighs are above average and slightly untoned, but with very little flabbiness to them. Her ass is one that is round and decent sized, but creates less jiggle than you want when fucked. Her smell is soft and welcoming, but not one to be considered arousing in the slightest. It soothes the body (minus the penis) rather than invigorates it. Her voice is not monotone but never goes very high and slow. Low would be to masculine. High would sound unpleasant to the ears. Her speech is a little quick and erratic and her voice significantly shaky when nervous. Everything about her demeanor is nerdy and awkward.

Her voice is shaky. She is blushing. Her gaze evades yours. Instead of approaching you she hesitantly climbs onto bed. She forgets to take her clothes off. You say, “What about your clothes?” She blushes even harder and says, “I want to get comfortable with you first.” Her voice is now weak.

You lie on top of her and get close to her face. Her breath tickles your face. You can barely feel it. Her glasses are still on, but they make her look cuter.

You start kissing her. Her tongue is paralyzed and her lips keep trapping your tongue in her mouth. You yank your tongue out. Your tongue begins to soothe her as you coat Dana’s lips with your saliva. She leaves a small opening and you re-insert your tongue. Her tongue is now in motion, but it stumbles around yours. It continues for a while, until her tongue now properly intertwines with yours. You can feel her breath against her lips.

Her hands slide up and hug your head as she lowers you down to where your lips are now touching. She begins to suck on your lips making your tongue stumble are in her mouth, so while she sucks her lips you retract your tongue to help her massage your mouth properly. You re-insert your tongue into your mouth. Your mouths are interconnected. You can feel her heart and tender breasts (she has no bra on) against your chest beating with the same rhythm. You keep kissing for a while until your girlfriend yells, “Just fuck already!” Clearly, her head has jealousy and anxiety rushing throughout the brain, but she seems to like being hurt.

Dana takes off her shirt, skirt, and panties flooded by pussy juice. She throws the shirt and skirt aside. You lie on top of her again, while her soaked panties stuff your mouths and connect them to each other. Her legs lock the entrance into her pussy while your dick is trapped inside. You feel the warmth of her legs. It feels almost romantic, but you can’t do this in front of your girlfriend. You tear her legs open and try to shove your dick in, but Dana’s pussy squeezes it out. It’s not like your girlfriend’s pussy, whose shape was formed after many fuckings to shape around your cock. Dana’s pussy should form around your cock you think.

You slowly introduce your cock to Dana’s pussy until it permits entrance into her body. Her pussy hugs your cock. A moan escapes her mouth. Your spit lands on her mouth. She displays discomfort. You lower yourself down a bit letting Dana’s tits cushion your body. You lower your hands to her tits and start squishing them. You pinch her nipple as she provides you with a playful moan.

After a little while, your cock provides her pussy with cum. Dana screams in pleasure. Her pussy loosens a little and as your penis rests snuggly inside. Your mouth moves to her breasts as you begin to caress and engorge on her breasts. Soon, you have given all your cum to Dana’s vagina. You leave her vagina.

You rest your dick on Dana’s thigh. You bind your mouth to hers. You move down to her neck and she whispers, “I love you,” as the air she breathes tickles your ear. You lie on top of her as she wraps her arms around you. Rachel is moaning in pleasure, but also sniffling. She is obviously hurt.

You eventually get hard again.

Your girlfriend looks like she wants to join in.