Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ugakentum...)

There is a knock at the door. Rachel bounds over to answer it, stripped down to just a black brassiere with red lace, and a tiny thong to match. She pushes up on her chest and asks you if she looks okay; you can only nod yes.

She opens the door and John walks in, not even paying any attention to you. “Ahh babe you’re so fucking hot today,” John moans into Rachel’s ear as she rubs his crotch through his jeans. You can tell he must be huge because the bulge in his pants is growing non-stop.

Rachel pulls her boss by the collar over to the couch you bought her on your anniversary and playfully throws him on to it with a cute giggle. She pulls down his fly and you can hear it come unzipped tooth by tooth as his massive cock pops out. Rachel’s eyes bulge and she licks her lips; she gives John a quick peck on the lips then kneels in between his legs sticking her ass out and wiggling it right at you.

Your girlfriend pushes her plush lips around the head of his cock and sighs in anticipation, her inner thighs already soaking wet. She looks up at John and asks, “Are you ready for this babe?” with a playful smirk.

John just groans and says, “Get on with it already.”

Rachel takes his huge cock inch by inch until she is gagging on the entire length. Despite a hefty amount of gagging Rachel manages to bob her head up and down, starting slowly at first. John seems to be getting impatient and grabs Rachel by her hair, forcing her head down and back up. He starts using your girlfriend’s mouth as his personal fuckhole, and Rachel loves it. She’s moved her hand to touch herself, with the other hand playing with John’s balls. Every time John pushes her head down her whole body quivers and she lets out a groan of pleasure.

You’ve pulled out your small cock and have started stroking it, already very hard, but neither of them have seemed to even notice you. Both you and John are close, he is panting and groaning as Rachel gives him the best head of his life, and you are dumbfounded, watching as your usually saint-like girlfriend sucks her boss’s dick better than she’s ever sucked yours.

John cums and Rachel manages to gulp most of it down, but when she lets his cock out of her mouth three trails of cum splash onto her face, coating her mouth, nose, and eyes. The sight of your girlfriend covered in another man’s cum sends you over the edge and you cum too, shooting your load all over the carpet in the corner of the room.

Rachel then turns around, reaching under her for John’s dick. She finds it, still hard, and carefully puts it into her dripping pussy. She lets John bounce her up and down, crying and moaning with every thrust, cumming every time he puts his full length in her. She looks you dead in the eyes and says, “See this, Ross, this is a real man, who can fuck me right; this is what you’ll never be. But I love you still, and because I love you I’ll let you sit over there and jerk off to your slut girlfriend fucking a better man. One condition though… You have to do exactly as I say. Understand?”

Rachel is looking dead into your eyes and you nod yes. Without breaking rhythm with John moves her hands from his thighs to in front of her. “I want you to follow exactly as I do.”

She starts by moving one hand gently over the shaft, rotating it about the head of the imaginary cock in front of her. You can tell she’s mocking you because her strokes are so small, but at this point you couldn’t care less — hell you’ve got the world’s best porno right infront of you. Rachel uses her other hand to massage the balls of the invisible cock, while increasing the speed of the other hand; you follow along with her motions exactly.

She giggles at how pathetic you’ve become as you let another load seep out of the tip of your dick. It lubricates the rest of your shaft though, and good thing too because Rachel’s speeding up. She’s stroking faster and faster as she’s fucked harder and harder by John, and all you can do is watch and follow along.

You feel the biggest load you’ve ever had starting to come up, then you realize, John isn’t wearing a condom. You try to tell Rachel, but she can’t hear you over her moans; she just continues going faster and faster. At this point you can’t even tell when Rachel isn’t coming and her stroking is almost too fast to see. She comes crashing down into John and he cums, filling her pussy and leaking out onto the couch.

You keep stroking as fast as Rachel left you as she crawls over to you, like a cat, sexy ass swinging and eyes locked right on you. She pops your dick in her mouth saying, “I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did, here’s your reward.”

She bobs her head up and down on your tiny dick faster than anything you’ve ever seen, and squeezes tighter than you’ve ever felt. She moans as you cum, drinking everything that you give her. When you’re all done she gets up to get John and herself a towel.

You and John don’t make eye contact and by the time she’s back with towels he’s gone.