Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

“I want to struggle as a gang of big horny thugs chase me down and gangfuck me raw, against my will!” says Rachel.

“That could be so fucking hot!” you reply, surprised by this unknown side of your girlfriend.

“Really?” she states in disbelief, as a wicked grin takes over her beautiful face.

“What did you have in mind for the scenario?” you ask.

“Well, I’ve always imaging it going like this,” she explains. “I’d be dressed in a sexy costume, a tight, thin, white top that plunges between my large breasts. Barely covering my big sensitive nipples, and leaving my midriff exposed before tying in the back. A small white tennis skirt of the same fabric that barely drops below my nice round ass and a pair of crotch-less white panties. A garter belt with thigh-high leggings and white ankle boots. I would top it off with a white choker and mask around my eyes — wouldn’t want anyone to find out my identity!”

“When I fantasize about it,” she continues, “the scenario is usually, I’m a horny girl who likes the thrill of dressing like a sexy hero at night. I would sneak around looking for crimes to report, all the while knowing if any man saw me dressed like this they would definitely try to catch me and fuck me. The thought of actually facing down a bunch of big sex-crazed thugs drives me crazy. I would fight as they capture me, struggle and protest as they begin to suck and molest my sexy body. I would scream and protest for them to stop until I’m lifted off the ground by the first massive cock to invade my wanting but unwilling pussy. I would explode my shame in front of all of them as I violently spray my ecstasy around the giant dick that has impaled me. All the while their hungry hands and mouths continue their assault. I would come again as another stiff shaft is forced up my tight asshole. They would all gang-fuck me mercilessly over and over and I would come every time one of their throbbing poles would erupt inside one of my unprotected holes!”

“Wow,” you say, realizing you have never been harder in your life. “I tell you what. I’ll set the whole thing up. You get the outfit.”

“I already own it!” she winks back.

“You’ve done this before?” you ask excitedly.

“Only the sneaking and masturbating part, I’ve never been caught!” she admits.