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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yiffjd...)

Many days later, you and your girlfriend go to see Julie. You are electrified. You haven’t slept since last night. You look down at Rachel’s crotch (as you do very often) and see her lusty liquids have leaked through her grey leggings.

You arrive. You call Julie and tell her about Rachel’s leggings. She clears the lobby of the building. You and Rachel go up the elevator to Julie’s office. Julie is wearing a white blouse stopping before her knees, a red tie, black high heels with black tights, and as she bends over to take her crop whip from her couch, she reveals her plain black panties. Her hair is still in a bun. Her cold and lifeless smell emanates from her office. Most of her office is empty space. She lets natural light in. Shadows crawl up the room and stop at her desk and couch as if commanded to, which are close to the window. A giant window stands right behind it providing a jaw-dropping view. Her couch is expensive black leather and her chair also leather. Her desk is glass with grey legs. Sounds reverberate throughout the room.

Julie walks towards Rachel. She leads your girlfriend to the couch and looks back and glares at you.

“I’ve been waiting to see you again. Ever since I last saw you, I wanted to rekindle our relationship. And I’m sorry you wet yourself. I didn’t mean to excite you so much,” Julie says in a motherly tone which comforts Rachel. Julie takes off Rachel’s pants and licks them while Rachel slides down her panties. You walk towards them and pick up her panties and sit in Julie’s chair.

“It tasted so good. I’m so proud of you baby.” Julie takes a passive, thoughtful pause. “Are you ready? Mommy wants you to be happy.”

Rachel nods her head like a toddler when asked if she wants ice cream.

Julie slides off her blouse and her large mounds burst out, still contained in a plain black bra. She massages Rachel’s breast and traces her fingers around the flesh of her pussy. Rachel lets out a high-pitched moan. You have only heard her mid-pitched moan before. Rachel’s body rocks up and down with Julie’s touch.

Julie decides to get rough, using her polished red nails on Rachel’s pussy. Rachel’s scream explodes throughout the room. “Mommy doesn’t like it when you run away. You don’t understand how much I missed you,” Julie says.

“I’m sorry I’ve been a naughty girl,” Rachel yelps.

“When can I join?” you ask. Julie gives you a menacing look. As she approaches you, her heels click as if shouting orders to the whole room. She tells Rachel to get up and commands you to strip. You obey. She kisses you dispassionately.

“I’m sorry for how I treated you honey,” Julie says in a monotone voice with saliva strings still stuck on both your lips. You force her face into yours as you sloppily and lustfully lick her chin with your tongue, only occasionally coating over her dry lips. Your face stings as she slaps you. Your head rushes as the sound reverberates throughout her office.

Before you can recover, she takes control of your body and shoves your face into the couch as you are forced to kneel down. The way she thrusts your body down lacks real anger. It exists in limbo between a massage and being mauled.

Rachel’s womanly fragrance infused with sexual energy on the couch overwhelms your senses. You feel Julie’s freezing, slow, steady breath on your neck as her nails bite into your ass.

You hear Rachel’s head get shoved into Julie’s ass, which you can tell by her playful sniffing (just like when you sniff Rachel’s ass). You hear Julie’s unnatural moan. She tries to keep her moan neutral, but lust threatens to engulf her voice. You hear the heavy lapping of a tongue.

Julie runs her nails through your legs as they climb their way up to your cock. Her nails scratch against your balls. Her hands arrive at your cock. The frost from her hand nibbles away at your dick as it shivers.

Julie’s breath is still cold, but now unsteady and weak. You feel her breeze coat your neck. You feel her voice creep up on her throat. You hear the faintest sound of Julie’s voice. You hear a loud yelping obviously from Rachel. Julie lets out a weak exhale as her grip tightens. You shoot out cum in copious amounts.

She makes you lick it up. You face her on all fours as she looks down at you on her knees while Rachel’s moan is no longer muffled, making her yelps fill everyone’s heads. Her nails bite your cheeks as she shoves her tongue in your mouth and tastes your semen again.

You cum again. Julie says, “It tastes better, but you need to control that little guy.” You blush and swipe the cum off with your hand. Julie’s hand grips inside your mouth, pulling out semen.

Julie places it in her mouth as one set of her nails chews up Rachel’s ass and services her, while her other set cuts into her neck. You are hard again.

You use the cum on your hand to masturbate. Rachel screeches as she squirts on the floor, then mops it up. You cum again. Two piles of semen now lube your dick. Julie sucks it all up. Her nails find themselves piercing your shoulder, her lips now roughly engulfing yours. Saliva builds up. Rachel places her mouth on your cock.

You cum into Rachel’s mouth. Julie fishes out your cum, then Rachel and Julie both swallow.

“I request that we do this again,” Julie says.