Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yiffjd...)

One night in Chicago, you find yourself bound to a chair in your hotel room. The air in the room is full of Julie’s scent. The light hangs above the headrest creating a soft glow that lazily and half-heartedly fills the room with a sensual tint. The windows are open. Your room is high up. The view is nice.

Julie sits on top of Rachel. Your girlfriend is wearing a plain white unbuttoned blouse which exposes her breasts.

Julie says, “Oh, he got up… so did his little guy,” in a monotone voice. Your cheeks are burning. Your thighs feel tight. Your cock tingles and your breath is short. Your nose savors Julie’s smell (which you smell a lot leading to many awkward boners and sometimes ejaculating in your pants in public.)

Julie gropes Rachel’s breasts. Her nails are still sharp. You are extremely jealous and your cock is hard enough to pierce steel. Your erection hurts. Julie gazes at Rachel from above the rim of her glasses. The way Julie pulls Rachel’s breasts towards her seems more like yanking. Rachel giggles and yelps like a drunk teenager kissing her best friend for the camera. Julie lets out a mature yet naughty giggle.

You erupt, letting some leak onto the couch. Julie says, “That little boy is pathetic. You need to teach him self-control.” Rachel giggles and says, “Yes.”

Julie’s groping is slow as she savors each taste her nails get of the soft flesh of Rachel. You see the nails gnaw at Rachel’s skin and you erupt once again. Semen coats your dick and drenches your legs. You can’t possibly be cumming this many times again, you think.

Julie tears open her blouse. The sight of her breasts make you cum. Cum is beginning to seep off the chair. Rachel takes her hands and lovingly pets Julie’s breasts. They both smile.

Rachel roughly pinches Julie until milks squirts out. Julie gasps and says, “What a naughty girl.” Julie licks off her own breast milk from Rachel’s body. More semen shoots out. This betrayal and humiliation is the best thing you have ever experienced. You are still hard as ever. Your balls still full.

Julie lies on top of your girlfriend and kisses her like a slutty teenager kissing another girl to impress a boy she likes. They both suppress giggles as their lips lock. You cum yet again. Cum seeps onto the floor.

Rachel flips up Julie’s skirt and slaps and squeezes her shapely, semi-fleshy ass. Julie’s body gyrates up and down Rachel’s. Cum bursts out from your cock again, with some landing on your face. Julie must have given you something.

Julie sits up and places her pussy against Rachel, then starts rubbing violently against her. They both moan in a high pitch.

Once they finish, Julie calls up a cleaner, who arrives wearing a French maid outfit. Her face is that of a sporty, pretty college girl. She is a light brunette with perky tits and a nice round and tight ass. She licks the cum off the floor and chair. She moves up to your face and down to your cock. You violently explode in her face and the cum leaks all over the maid’s body.

Julie makes you both clean up. Rachel and Julie watch you two shower.

You soap each other up. You run your hands over her small, tender breasts. You move to her ass which is perfectly round. You press your face into her ass. She lets out a deep exhale. Your hands massage her fleshy, tight skin while she uses her hand to keep your head in her ass. You take in deep inhales of her ass. You feel a gyration and immature moans. She must be masturbating.

“Wait. I want to bath in water with cum,” you say. You block the drain and put your head back in her ass. You stick your tongue in and explore her hole. She squirts in the bathtub and screams. You wrap your hands around your cock and jerk, but ejaculate prematurely. The maid sits down in the tub. You passionately kiss. You do this for an hour and you both ejaculate twice.

Once you get out, you see Rachel cuddling with Julie. Julie says, “You all will do this tomorrow or I’ll all get you fired. I have that ability.”

You cuddle up to the maid. She says, “I am Laura. Thanks for asking.” You all fall asleep.