Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Richard...)

You reach in and grab an outfit off the rail. It is a schoolgirl outfit which consists of a shirt, a red tartan skirt and a red and blue tie.

You pull the clothes off the hanger and place them on the bed. You start off by putting on the shirt. It’s a little tight but squeeze into it. You tie the shirt up at the bottom just above the stomach. Which would be just under the breast of a female.

Next you put the tie on and start to put on the skirt, slipping your legs in and pulling up over your ass. Your cock now is throbbing, pulsating with every single heartbeat. The skirt just covers your i1:butt}cheeks as you brush it down.

Your girlfriend knocks at the door and asks if you are ready.

You take a seat on the side of the bed and call her in. Rachel enters the room and you watch her as she walks in. She stands in the doorway and says, “How do I look?”

She is wearing a pair of leather boots that come all the way up to her thighs. Your eyes follow up her body and you see the big cock that she is wearing.

“So that is your strap on?” you ask, thinking to yourself that actually looks hotter than you ever imagined. It’s big and red, but not too big, roughly seven inches.

“You look hot, very sexy in fact. How do I look?”

She walks over and bends down facing you. Looking you in the eyes she replies, “Like a dirty little slut. I hear you have been a naughty schoolgirl and you need to be punished.”

She pulls out a ruler from her boots and pushes you over the bed. “Stick that little ass up now!” she yells at you.

You raise your body up and she starts to gently rub your butt. Lifting up the skirt, she whips your cheeks with the ruler.

You let out a groan but can’t make out if its pleasure or pain you are feeling.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” says Rachel, hitting you across the ass again.

After the fourth time you can feel your ass becoming sore, but can feel your cock ready to erupt.

Rachel pulls you up and asks, “Are you wanting more?”