Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You arrive at the bar to find it swarming with people and you hurry over to help Bruce and the other workers. You work your ass off for hours and finally the party comes to an end as the crowd leaves in cabs as most of them are drunk. You are dead tired after you’ve finished clearing and cleaning the bar. You thank your workers for their hard work and send them off.

When you arrive home Rachel is already sound asleep. You take a shower and quickly but quietly sneak into the bed.

The next morning, you feel Rachel shaking you. You open your eyes to find her all dressed and ready.

“Do you really have to go?” you ask, realizing she’s flying today.

“It’s my family… I have to,” Rachel says and kisses you on the lips. Her lips leave yours and she tries to drag you out of bed.

You playfully refuse to get out of bed. You grab Rachel and pin her down on the bed and smirk. With her free hand, your girlfriend tickles you on the waist. You laugh and your body twists and twitches as you beg for mercy.

After a few minutes she pulls you out of bed and throws you a towel, then pushes you into the bathroom.

After your shower, you send Rachel to the airport and reluctantly bid her farewell. You feel sad to see her go. You watch her ass sway as she enters the departure hall. Damn, you are gonna miss that ass.