Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You return home to find Rachel all serious.

“Ross… I need to go back home. My mom she’s not well. My sister is pregnant and she is due soon. She will need someone to take care of her. I already bought my ticket. Come with me?” she finally says as she watches you with her beautiful big eyes pleading for your approval.

“You… Oh Okay… That’s em like out of the blue. When will you be back then?” you stammer as your brain goes crazy. You want to avoid seeing her parents. Her mom is quite a strict person and her dad, while fun and easy-going, is singularly unimpressed with you.

“I think I will be there for the next few months. I already quit my job. Probably stay till both my mom and sis are feeling better…” Rachel pauses and bites her lower lip before she continues. “You are not coming are you? I know you are nervous about my parents but you can’t avoid them forever, right? ”

You look at her. For a moment there is nothing but silence.

You finally sigh and hesitantly say, “Look… Rachel… I can’t… Not right now… I’ve got clients at the gym… I can’t just fly off with you… I need to find a replacement and make sure the replacement knows the clients’ current pace, workouts, health conditions etc… And besides your family probably don’t want me around… at least not when your mom is ill and your sister is in the hospital.”

Rachel wants to say something but decides to stop. She finally kneels on the sofa and reaches out for your hands, pulling you in for a light kiss. She hugs you and with her head on your chest says, “Send me off tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure thing babe…” you reply, relieved that she’s dropped the issue, and you kiss Rachel on her head.

“Oh just so you know… That stuff about your clients and my family don’t want you there is all bullshit…” Rachel says, snickering at you as she releases you from her embrace.

“What? It’s true, I mean…” you protest, intending to fight back.

“Tada yada… Yeah yeah… It’s partly true but mostly you are just scared aren’t you?” Rachel interrupts before you can finish.

“I’m gonna get going to the club now…” you say, realizing Rachel has seen right through you.

“Fine… You can’t run away forever you know…” Rachel replies and then kisses you deeply on the lips.

“I love you,” you say as she releases your lower lip that she had sucked on as you pull away from the kiss.

“I know,” she says cutely, and realizing you’re going to retort, quickly continues, “I love you too.”

Your girlfriend slaps you hard on the ass and says “Drive safe…” as you reluctantly head off to your car.