Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yiffjd...)

The sun’s light goes through and gently touches Laura’s face. Her skin is radiant in the sun. Julie and Rachel are still asleep.

You pet Laura’s long hair. You begin to stroke her face in a loving manner.

Laura wakes up. She has her maid outfit on. She wakes up with a flirty smile. The kind a girl gives to a boy she has a poorly-hidden crush on.

You bring your lips together as you stroke her hair from the back of her head. Laura’s lips are frozen. You look into her weary, shy eyes. They close up bashfully. Laura’s face turns completely red. “I’m not comfortable with being intimate,” Laura says. You close your mouth around hers to shut her up. You place your tongue around hers as her tongue retreats into the back of her mouth. Your lips occasionally slip off hers. You aren’t kissing.

You continue to suck her lips as her body tightens. She is lightly shoving you while you keep her lips next to yours by holding her head. The longer you clumsily suck her lips the less resistance she offers.

Eventually she sucks your lips with the same rhythm and you begin to kiss each other. Her tongue meets yours where your lips meet.

You roll on top of her. Saliva piles up in your union of lips as they drip to Laura’s chin and neck. You abruptly pull your mouth out which creates a popping noise due to how tight your lips grabbed on to each other. You drool on her face as Laura’s drool runs across her cheeks.

She whispers to you, “I want you inside me.” You realize Julie and Rachel are sitting up on the bed and have been watching you kiss Laura.

You debate between sensual and rough sex.