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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yiffjd...)

Caitlyn is a redhead. Her auburn hair is pushed to the back, letting it fall backwards while often leaning on her shoulders. Her front hair often covers the front of her ears. The left side of her hair covers some of her forehead and the left side covering a barely noticeable amount of her forehead. The two sides converge near the middle right of her forehead. A group of hair strands curl out slightly almost like bangs.

Her skin is light and muted with the pink tints around her cheeks and some of her chin lacking richness or vibrancy. Her nose is ever-so-slightly upturned. The width of her lips reaches to the middle of her pupils. Her cheeks gently flow to her chin with her face neither slim nor chubby. The cheekbones near the top of her face a little under her eyes are raised without seeming to indent the lower cheeks.

Her eyes are light blue. Her freckles rest upon her nose and along one far corner of the eye to the other with them being lightly concentrated and the nose and dissolving on either side of the face. Her eyes are blue and give a quirky and curious gaze.

Her ass is slightly rounded and above average in size with a little of fat feelable but not very visible when staring at her ass. Her breasts are above average sized, nearly equal in how much chest space they take horizontally and how much they jut out. She never wears a bra. They bounce a decent amount without too much jiggle. She has well defined curves and a flat stomach. She always makes sure her sultry natural smell has traces of cinnamon. Her voice is bland and boring.

Your girlfriend has seduced her and fucked her (she has a tape you hope to see later) to get her to fuck someone with a live audience.

Caitlyn walks in wearing a plain green sweater and leggings. She throws off her green sweater revealing her breasts. She slowly crawls up to you (you are sitting up on the bed) with her breasts swaying from side to side.

She slides you down and smushes your face with her breasts as she lets out a playful giggle (but without life, this girl barely has a personality, she is like so many other college girls). You grab her ass. It’s a tiny bit too hard, but it will do. Her breasts smell a little like a cinnamon. Her entire body does.

You stick your tongue out and trace it along Caitlyn’s breasts. She yelps in surprise and begins her soulless giggle again. You don’t want foreplay. That’s for real people like your girlfriend, not for soulless shell Caitlyn is.

You shove her off and roll her on to her back and start sniffing her ass through her leggings. You start stroking your penis. You lie down and tell her to sit on your face so that her ass faces you. It isn’t very comfortable. Her ass smells more arousing than Rachel’s at least, but unnatural. You can tell it will grow tiresome quickly. Her hands are soft and warm at least. Also better than your girlfriend’s. She leans forward as her breasts are now touching your body. Before you cum, you tell her to face you and to strip.

You begin sniffing her panties for whiffs of her ass. She doesn’t know how to ride you, but her face is cute enough to counteract it. It is more arousing than your girlfriend’s, but not as beautiful. You will grow tired of Caitlyn after a few quick fucks. Her face is the cutest you have ever seen though. You look at her face while avoiding her empty eyes, then squirt inside her.

She lets you keep her panties. She gives you her number. A blowjob will probably be better. Your girlfriend wasn’t great at those.

At least you have the tape. A little while later you put it on.