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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You have never thought of yourself as gay but you are so horny that your body is aching to be touched. Part of you want to just burst out of the cabinet before you get raped by a stranger you met few minutes ago, but another part is excited and curious about where it may lead to and how will it feel. You are curious if gay sex is really as pleasurable as you have seen and heard.

You contemplate hard and long, unable to come to a decision, whether to stay or flee. While you are stuck in your dilemma, Shane continues on with his assault. He has already unbuckled your belt and is now fondling your rigid member through your boxer briefs. You let him rub the big bulge of your briefs. Then, without warning, he pulls your boxer briefs down and your thick schlong swings free.

You feel him kissing and sucking on your neck while his hand begins to slowly jerk your cock. Are you really going to explore the other side of your sexuality with a total stranger or will you try to escape?