Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You’re not sure how to get started. You and Rachel had talked about in on the way, in that you both would fuck someone else, but now you’re here you’re not sure how to proceed. Your girlfriend gives your hand a squeeze as she moves into the group of strangers.

You’re still just standing there when a woman walks in front of you. She gives you what seems like a nervous smile and then throws off her robe. She is shorter than Rachel with sandy-blonde hair and, as your eyes drop down, you see she’s a little on the curvy side of average with the sagging breasts, small belly bulge, and c-section scar giving away her motherhood.

Not to be rude you open your own robe and watch the sparkle of hunger erupt in her eyes as she looks you up and down. No words are spoken as she presses up against you and seductively slides down to kneeling and softly grabs your penis. She caresses it while examining it, feeling the weight and the heat of it. Then like any whore you have seen in porn, she looks you deep in the eyes as she licks up the shaft and kisses the tip. Her hand pumps firmly down the length, making the head vulnerable as she pops it into her mouth and gives it a solid suck and teasing flicks from her tongue. She closes her eyes and seems to get carried away with the pleasure of your cock on her tongue and you instinctively grab the back of her head, teasing her to go deeper.

It’s at this point you think to look around for Rachel. The room is full of naked flesh. People have climbed on the couches and are riding and sucking away. Quiet moans are beginning to intensify. Finally your eyes land on her. Rachel is laid back on a couch, her head leaned back over the arm as a dick is pumping down her throat and her legs are spread wide with a woman’s face buried in her snatch. Your cock throbs harder with an involuntary pump of your hips.

Your cock-sucker takes a mighty, almost painful, slurp that flirts with the line of intense pleasure before letting your head pop out of her lips. She crawls up the side of you while still teasing your hard-on.

“Did you just see your girlfriend fucking someone?” she whispers.

You look at her, ready to answer the question, when she continues. “Most people come here with someone and when they see them getting plowed by three guys they usually get jealous or extremely turned on. Maybe a little of both. As for me, my husband has been fucking the baby-sitter without permission so I’m getting him back.”

Her hands are so soft and they have been gently working up the shaft and her fingers have delicately twisted around your engorged head and then back down with a quicker, more firm pump. It has been driving you crazy.

“Should I guess who she is, or should I just shut up like a good little whore?”