Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You smile and wave at Xavier and Owen when they arrive. It has been seventeen months since you started helping them with their workout, helping them to achieve their dream of having a ripped muscular body like yours. Their bodies have grown much since when they first started. Their muscles are more prominent and sculpted.

You smile smugly, feeling content as you know that you deserve some credit for helping them in achieving a muscular body. Owen has brown hair with a fading pompadour and a bit of stubble. He is handsome with his beautiful green eyes and dimples as well as his fair complexion. Xavier, on the other hand, is a blonde and much more tanned. His brushed-back hairstyle with his light stubble complemented by his blue eyes definitely make him eye candy… Even more so now that he is ripped thanks to you.

You happily greet the boys and begin helping them with their workouts, chatting with them during the breaks.

After the workout, you head to the restroom with the two friends.