Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Richard...)

“Yes please,” you reply nervously.

You look up and see your girlfriend standing in front of you, her cock at eye-level. She grabs your hair. “Does this naughty little slut want this cock?”

Not sure if you do actually want the big strap on, you nod your head. You’re doing it for her, you keep telling yourself.

“Then suck it!” she yells at you dominatingly.

You open your mouth and she begins to push the cock into it. Starting slow, she begins to move in and out while your lips are around it.

“Tastes good doesn’t it? Thought you might hate it but your cock says otherwise.”

Rachel begins to push a little bit faster and deeper until you start to struggle to take it. She can see you having trouble, but she pushes it in deeper and harder to the back of your throat.

“Well done Ross, you’re a natural.”

She pulls out to give you a breather. Panting away she smiles at you and waits for you to get your breath back.

“Look at that huge cock of yours. Seems wrong to waste it.”

She grabs your head again and continues fucking your mouth.

“You didn’t think I meant your own cock did you? This is your cock and you will take it all.”

Your cock is now ready to explode so you start to play with yourself while the big strap-on is fucking your throat. You’re on the verge of ejaculating when you get noticed

“Excuse me bitch, you don’t get to cum. How dare you! Time to get punished.” Rachel pushes you down and rolls you over. You start to feel a wetness spread over your asshole and she pulls your cheeks apart.

The large strap-on starts to enter your anus. Every second it gets deeper and deeper. Its hurts at first but once you have the whole thing inside you, you can start to relax. Slowly it pulls out only to go back again.

A feeling inside you begins. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before but it feels good. It feels like you’re going to shoot and load and more.

The fucking gets faster and the feeling is more intense. Trying not to moan too loudly you sink you head into the pillow on your bed.

Your girlfriend begins to tug on the skirt with both hands which makes you fall back further and it goes deeper than ever. Holding your hips and the bottom of the skirt she rocks you back and forward. Every time she pulls you, she pumps hard.

The feeling is uncontrollable now and your cock expands double just before it shoots out your cum all over the bed.

“Look at this mess you have made. Never seen you spunk so much. You will be punished again.” Rachel turns you over again and lays you down. She climbs on top of you again, almost sitting on your face. “I would get you to suck this big cock again, but I won’t give you such pleasure.”

Rachel pulls the strap on up so it frees her wet pussy and takes a seat on your face, rubbing herself up and down. You stick your tongue out so every movement licks from her pussy to her clit.

You can feel her begin to buck while grinding on your face. You know she is nearly coming so you put two fingers in her pussy and try to keep your tongue on her clit. You keep it up until she can’t hold it and her warm torrent splurts over your face.

She falls next to you and looks you in the eyes. “Thanks Ross, I’ve never been so turned on before, I just had the best orgasm ever.”

Secretly in your mind you think the same thing!