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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Tuga...)

“Alright babe. I choose your brother.”

“Interesting choice…” Rachel stares at you curiously and cannot resist asking, “But why?”

“The deal was for me to choose, not to explain why,” you say nervously. The truth is that, even though you are straight, when you were introduced to your girlfriend’s younger brother, you considered him very handsome, really attractive. In fact, he was the only man you’ve ever felt a certain attraction for…

“Oh, tell me. I’m dying of curiosity.” She is watching you with eyes fixed on you, batting her long lashes, which look like pretty butterfly wings.

Embarrassed, you offer, “You know … He’s very handsome.”

You look down, hiding your eyes and your face now reddish with shame. Rachel opens her eyes and mouth and lets out a sound of surprise as she realizes that you have an interest in her brother.

You feel uncomfortable and you squirm in the place that you are sitting, on the edge of the bed, and almost rise and exit. Still without the courage to look at her, you say, “I … I … I guess that’s not a good idea. We better forget this story.”

Your girlfriend, feeling that you will give up, and not wanting to miss the opportunity to realize her fantasy, comes behind you, holding you from behind, sliding her hands over your chest and stirring your nipples, which she knows gets you excited. She sighs in your ear, “No, we’re not going to give up. Let’s talk more about this.” She nibbles at your right ear and pulls you to bed.

You still try to resist, but when she starts to suck you, you forget everything. After getting you erect, she lies down beside you, without stopping the masturbating. Excited, your barrier of shame begins to fall. She knows this and asks you, “So you think my brother is handsome?”

The excitement of her body pressed against you and her hand on your cock, makes you lose all shyness. You can imagine her brother as if he were in front of your eyes, hot in his twenties, on sunny days in the pool.

“Yes, he is handsome… That burned skin of the sun, with his perfect face, framed by the beautiful blond hair… Those green eyes. That muscular pectoral…”

Your body twists with chills. Your breath is panting.

“And those six pack abs… That big tight ass that crowns his shapely thighs…”

You feel you are about to cum. Rachel also notices, and speeds up the jerk.

“I once saw, unintentionally, when entering the bathroom, him in the bath masturbating with his huge cock.” You unexpectedly let out a sigh of desire. “And what a big cock! And beautiful, with a pretty head…”

And soon you cum. Cum like never before, spreading sperm jets all over across your chest.

Your girlfriend looks at you and opens a huge smile, her face all glistening with happiness. “It looks like you really like my brother… I’m glad! So, do you want me to talk to him, or do you want to talk to him, or do we set up a private party and let things happen normally?”