Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Let’s fuck at college!” your girlfriend exclaims.

“But where in college? It’s too busy,” you reply.

“In the toilets or an empty room,” suggests Rachel.

“Okay, we’ll see tomorrow,” you reply eagerly.

It’s your last lesson at college and your girlfriend is sitting across the class from you. She scribbles on a piece of paper, folds it, and winks at you. It is passed along to you and you read it. She’s asking you to meet her in the female toilets.

Rachel gets up and walks out the class and you follow a minute later. You enter the ladies sneakily and lock the door behind so no one can follow you there. Rachel is waiting, wearing a cropped jumper, her hair in a double braid. You look down in a amazement to see her in a thong shaking her ass for you.

You strip off naked and walk over to her, bend her over slightly and begin to massage her ass. You move your hand down to her knickers, which are already soaking, then you tug them down to her ankles and she moans in relief. You press yourself up behind her and slowly bury your dick into her hole.

“Oh fuck yes, Ross, don’t stop!” she screams as you begin to thrust harder and faster. She grinds back against your dick, forcing it deeper inside her.