Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

John thinks for a moment. “Okay , it’s been fun so far, and Rachel seems to get off on the whole slut girlfriend thing.” He smirks at Rachel. “So I say why not! Let’s see what she’s capable off when her ‘boyfriend’ is part of the action so to speak.”

Rachel giggles. “Oh goody! I can’t wait! This is gunna be sooo much fun!” Turning to you she smiles, “Ross, don’t think badly of me, but you need to remember that first and foremost I’m John’s plaything. He’s in control. Your little girlfriend will be doing whatever he says. Whenever he says. As long as he says.”

“I like the sound of that!” John chimes in, putting his arm around your girlfriend’s shoulders and resting a hand on her boob. Looking at you expectantly, he goes on, “You like the sound of that ‘Ross’?”

Rachel looks at you with lust-filled eyes, “Pleeease Ross? I’m sure John will teach me all sorts of new things… don’t you wanna be there when he does?”

The ache in your balls from the events of the last thirty minutes forces from your mind whatever reservations you had. “Okay, I’m in. If my slut of a girlfriend wants me to be part of a three-way, who am I to say no? One condition. Condoms.”

“Oh god! I hadn’t thought of that…” gasps your girlfriend.

“Hmmm…true”, ponders John. “We wouldn’t want you knocking up Rachel, would we, Ross? Why don’t you go grab some condoms from the restroom. Gimme your phone and I’ll give you my address so you can meet us back at my place.”

You reluctantly unlock your phone and hand it to John. He seems to take way too long, clicking and swiping more than necessary to simply enter an address into the Maps app. Eventually he hands it back to you with a sly wink. As you hurry off to the mens’ room you look down just in time to see the progress bar on a sent message reach 100%. Panic mounting, you open the Messages app. Your worst fears are realized. John sent the video of your girlfriend blowing him! You don’t recognize the number but it can only be John’s. A new message suddenly appears.

“Sorry Ross I forgot to give you the address. Here it is.”

You quickly jam as many coins as you can into the vending machine, grab the condoms and race to your car. You have trouble following the directions, unable to focus clearly, thinking about how you’re going to get the video off John’s phone. You’re no closer to a plan when you arrive at John’s house. Knocking at the door you listen carefully, but all is silent, and you’re startled when the door suddenly opens. Rachel is standing there, and aside from her hair being a bit messy, she looks like her usual radiant self.

“Hi Ross! I was worried that you weren’t coming!” Your girlfriend exclaims in a loud voice, then quietly continues, “John is keeping pretty quiet about what he’s planning, so just go with it okay? And remember, play up the boyfriend role, but don’t get too carried away. We don’t wanna get caught out…”

You’re about to reply when music starts up from inside the house and John calls out, “Come in Ross and take a load off. Rachel, get that sexy ass back here. I wanna see you dance!”

“Sure thing boss! Anything you say!” chirps your girlfriend, flashing you a sexy smile before tottering back inside, swinging her hips provocatively. You stare at her luscious ass and think that it’s no wonder John wants a piece of that before taking a deep breath and following her inside.