Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Death...)

“I already have some friends I can phone!” you say excitedly. Which is untrue. “I’ll call them all up tomorrow, and do it tomorrow night.”

Rachel grins, and kisses you on the lips as a thank you, then rushes off to her closet to make sure her costume is good and ready.

You take the time to think of a good plan for what you just promised. You could call up your co-workers, and plan something with them, or maybe just a few of your friends. The choice you consider the most is going out, and hiring an actual gang in the ghetto part of town to turn your girlfriend into their toy for the next month or two. Either way, by tomorrow you’d better have a plan, or Rachel is not going to be happy with your failed promise.

You lie down to sleep as Rachel finishes getting her costume ready and up on her dresser so it’s immediately ready. She gets into bed next to you and slowly you drift off to sleep, dreaming of some punk gang abusing your girlfriend.